MA Options: Applied Behavioral Analysis; Doctoral Preparation/General; Industrial/Organizational

The Master of Arts program in Psychology is designed to provide specialized education in the field of psychology. With a MA in Psychology, one can qualify for positions similar to those associated with a BA, though at a higher level of responsibility. Advisors play an active role in the planning process, and students are strongly encouraged to consult with faculty on a continual and intensive basis as soon as they begin their studies in the program. MA students can prepare for doctoral study in any area of Psychology or specialize in areas such as Counseling or Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate work at Sacramento State in psychology must obtain a Graduate Brochure from the Psychology Department Office. This brochure is also available on the Sacramento State Web site. The Graduate Brochure contains the department application procedures, including GRE requirements and the departmental application form.

Although the program is based on a core set of requirements, the form of the program provides for flexibility. While much material is covered in regular course offerings, the Department recognizes that specialized study and the development of certain types of skills must take place on a one-to-one student-instructor basis. This includes research activities in the laboratory, field, or library; teaching activities; and volunteer work in community mental health agencies, government agencies, schools, and/or businesses. Academic credit under individualized study or fieldwork designations is available for these purposes.

Admission as a classified graduate student in Psychology requires:

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