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Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2023

Further Your Impact & Continue to Change Lives for the Better

Together, we can continue to redefine what is possible for our students! Giving Tuesday is our chance to fund programs that empower students to become leaders and keep them on the path to graduation - and their legacies will be part of your lasting impact.

Join the Office of Graduate Studies to go #allinforSacState and make a donation to the funds below!

Graduate Student Support Fund

This fund helps support the Graduate Preparation Academy (GPA) is designed to prepare undergraduate students for admission and study at the graduate level. The GPA provides undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree with intensive graduate school preparation. Students selected to participate in the graduate school preparation academy will be provided with information and resources about participating in academic research, engaging with faculty mentors, preparing academically for graduate school, assistance with scholarship and fellowship opportunities, and graduate education entrance examinations through interactive speakers, panels, and workshops.

We offer a rigorous academic program that prepares students for the opportunities and challenges that face them in post-baccalaureate education. Participants are connected with a faculty member who will offer mentoring throughout the graduate school application process, feedback on essays, and other application materials. Participants are encouraged to participate in regional and national academic conferences to present their academic research.

Click here to donate to the Graduate Student Support Fund

Graduate Research and Awards Fund

A fund that supports a teaching or research assistantship for one graduate student, including tuition on stipend can make a tremendous difference in the lives of students from underserved and underrepresented communities. Many want to pursue a graduate degree, but do not have the resources needed to afford tuition and to devote time conducting research, participating in innovation circles, or engaging in a community intern or fellowship opportunity. With your generous support, we can support graduate students with resources to conduct research vital to the region.

A fund that provides support for promising graduate students, travel awards for students to attend conferences, and stipends to support professional development.

Click here to donate to the Graduate Research and Awards Fund