Why We Are Here

Dreams Can Come True

Each year, 2,000 California foster youth turn 18 and must leave foster care. For all too many of them, their dreams of going to college end as well. The Guardian Scholars Program wants to change that by offering a wide range of services to help foster youth successfully pursue an education.

Ideally, all children grow up in a warm, loving, and supportive family. As we know, not all children are so fortunate. Foster youth have often faced especially challenging circumstances, with most facing a bleak future following emancipation. On the eve of their 18th birthday, many of these young people are confronted with a world filled with emotional uncertainty, a lack of human and financial support, even the prospect of homelessness. In some cases, this produces a more self-sufficient student, accustomed to dealing with life’s constant struggles. Many, however, require special consideration. The Guardian Scholars Program offers this kind of support so that students are able to attend to their studies, complete their degrees and avoid the very real possibility of abandoning hope and leaving their dreams behind.