Applications will be considered for current and future students from the following categories:

  • Foster Youth-someone who has been in foster care, no matter the length of time
  • Dependent or ward of the court-someone who has received protection from the court and may have had a legal guardian appointed either by the court or by parental consent
  • Emancipated minor-someone who is a minor (under age 18 in CA) and is no longer under parental control.
  • Orphaned-someone whose parents or legal guardians are deceased
  • Homeless (or at-risk of being homeless)-someone who is living in a shelter, on the street, or “couch hopping”
  • Living with kin (arranged formally or informally)-someone whose care is provided by relatives or extended family member(s) due to any number of reasons

To remain eligible and active in the program, you must:

  • Meet with a Guardian Scholars Program staff, face-to-face, at least once a month
  • Participate in a Supplemental Instruction course through PARC, MLK, Guardian Scholars Program, or a supplemental course relating to a course you are currently taking. (Freshman)
  • Meet with an assigned professional mentor at least once a month, face-to-face. (Freshman and Sophomore students only; optional for Juniors and Seniors)
  • Participate in at least three campus events per semester. Examples: GSP monthly socials, guest speaker engagements, other campus events being offered through other offices on campus or the Guardian Scholars Program, etc.
  • Allow monitoring of your student records and academic performance via progress reports facilitated by Guardian Scholars program staff
  • Be responsive to staff emails and telephone calls