Role of Mentor

Mentor PicMentors have a positive impact on the life and success of Guardian Scholars. They provide unconditional support and encouragement for students as they attempt to navigate the complexities of higher education. They are expected to check-in frequently with their students to ensure that their basic needs are being met (housing, food, access to health care, money for books, etc.), and report back to the Lead Mentor and/or Program Director if a student is experiencing difficulty.

Mentors use discretion to gently steer their students in the right direction when making academic, personal or professional decisions. They do receive special training from our program, but most of their advice is based on life experience and a personal knowledge of the University or college life. Above all, our mentors act as role models and confidants for students who might otherwise feel alone throughout their educational journey at Sacramento State.

The mission of the Guardian Scholars Program is to improve the life and success rate of former foster youth by administering helpful services such as professional mentoring, academic advising, career counseling, financial assistance, scholarships, and community building events that are all essential for learning, growth, and success on a college campus. We are committed to doing outreach in the community and creating meaningful opportunities for current students at Sac State in order to improve the livelihood of foster youth students.