English 109W/M Writing for GWAR 

About the Class

ENGL 109M and ENGL 109W are writing classes designed to review academic reading and writing skills, help students improve upon those skills, and prepare students to be successful in upper-division writing courses.

Through the semester students will write and revise several documents about the research and writing methods in their major disciplines; they will use these to create a GWAR portfolio. The instructor will grade the GWAR portfolio at the end of the semester using a standardized grading rubric.

While the two classes are equivalent, ENGL 109M is meant specifically for multilingual students (students whose first/primary language is not English) and should only be chosen by those students. Students who are not multilingual (students whose first/primary language is English) should choose ENGL 109W.

Prerequisites for ENGL 109M/109W: Junior standing (60+ units) and successful completion of ENGL 20 (or the equivalent).

The ENGL 109M/W program syllabus is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions about English 109W/M

The below provides answers to general questions about English 109W/M. For other questions, select the appropriate pages from the main menu.

Are there any classes at the local junior colleges that are equivalent to ENGL 109M/109W? 

No. The GWAR is a CSU requirement. There are no junior college level courses that will meet the requirement.

I'm a transfer student to Sac State and trying to sign up for ENGL 109M/109W, but I keep getting a "prerequisites not met" error. Why can’t I add this class?

When you first transfer to Sac State from another school, it can take up to a semester for the Degree Evaluations Office to look at your final transcripts from your previous school, evaluate them, and put your course credit into your computer record. One of the prerequisites for ENGL 109M/109W is a course (ENGL 20 or equivalent) that most transfer students take before they transfer to Sac State. When you attempt to register for ENGL 109M/109W, the computer looks to see if you've completed that course; because that course hasn't been entered into your record yet, the computer thinks you don't meet the prerequisites for the class.

Bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts from your previous school to the English department office in Calaveras Hall room 103. The staff will assist you in registration if you’ve met the prerequisite.

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