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Message from the Dean

headshot of Dean Fred BaldiniDean Fred Baldini

The College of Health and Human Services at Sacramento State has a long and proud history of providing the region with health and human services professionals who are leaders in the region through their innovation, engagement, and impact. The college plays important roles in addressing the workforce needs of the region, in community engagement, and in research that matters. With more than 38,000 alumni from the college, chances are that if you interact with a nurse, a social worker, or a police officer in the region, that person is a Sac State alum. With nearly 7,000 majors, making it the largest college on campus, the programs offered in the college continue to be in high demand. The faculty and staff are committed to student success, which is one of the primary values of our mission.

College Spotlight

Global Entrepreneurship Week - November 13

Take action for social change!

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international celebration of entrepreneurship.

At Sacramento State, we believe entrepreneurship is a lot more than starting a business; it’s a way to solve problems, affect change, and better people’s lives. The Colleges of HHS, A&L and SSIS join together to focus on Social Entrepreneurship. Join us for student moderated panel presentation and Q&A with Katy Carlsen of Ticket to Dream Foundation, Esteban Nunez of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Debra Oto-Kent from the Health Education Council, and many other tablers that ignite social change!

Tuesday, November 13
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Academic Departments

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Dr. Robert Pieretti, Chair
(916) 278-6601

Criminal Justice

Dr. Ernest Uwazie, Chair
(916) 278-5069

Kinesiology & Health Science

Dr. Katherine Jamieson, Chair
(916) 278-6441

Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Dr. Greg Shaw, Chair
(916) 278-6752


Dr. Tanya Altmann, Chair
(916) 278-4106

Social Work

Dr. Dale Russell, Chair
(916) 278-6943

Physical Therapy

Dr. Michael McKeough, Chair
(916) 278-6426