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The College of Health and Human Services Dean's Office

California State University, Sacramento
Solano Hall 5002
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA  95819-6104
Phone: (916) 278-7255

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dr. Fred Baldini
Meet the Dean
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Dr. Robin Carter
Associate Dean - Operations: Budget & Planning
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Dr. Mary Maguire
Associate Dean - Student & Personnel
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Amanda Haddan
Budget and Personnel Analyst
Phone: (916) 278-7929
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Christine Kellermann  
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Phone: (916) 278-4315
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Raquel Quirarte
Student Success Center Coordinator
Phone: (916) 278-7643
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Scarlette Charles
Administrative Support Assistant II - Student Success Center
Phone: (916) 278-7643
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Raquel Dagnino
Administrative Support Coordinator - II
Phone: (916) 278-5867
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Anaida Stepanyan
Administrative Support Coordinator - II
Phone: (916) 278-3551
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Michael Kellermann 
Information Technology Consultant
Phone:  (916) 278-5042
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Carl Kelley  
Information Technology Consultant
Phone: (916) 278-5492
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