Faculty Travel on University Business

Travel Guidelines (Rev. August 2015) 

Going forward, faculty should start thinking of their travel as an integral part of their academic year plans.

Travel funding is not automatic, be it College or University or grant awarded.  For example, faculty will typically receive a notification from the Associate Dean of the College, notifying them of the availability of Faculty Development Awards.

At the beginning of each academic year, Division staff will email all full-time faculty, asking them to advise the Division of their future travel plans.  

  1. Whether the travel is funded or unfunded
  2. Date and destination of travel
  3. Lodging information, and exception documentation for pre-tax room rates of $275 or more.
  4. Conference name and program link, letter of acceptance, and presentation abstract
  5. Itemized estimate of expenses
  6. Funding award letter
  7. Whether an advance is needed
  8. Class coverage

Staff will respond to faculty with the necessary forms for review and other action items, such as obtaining international travel insurance, if applicable. Staff will then obtain signatures and forward the paperwork to the College office.

Faculty will receive an Outlook appointment to submit their receipts from their completed travel.  Receipts for lodging and airfare must have the faculty's name and payment information.  In the absence of one of these, a cardholder's transaction will be required as supplementary documentation.

Faculty should submit receipts for:

  1. Lodging
  2. Airfare and/or car license plate number, if personal vehicle is used
  3. Taxi and parking receipts
  4. Business expenses, i.e. copying, printing, fax, internet usage, etc.
  5. Conference registration fees.