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Laurie Kubicek

Crime in California: A Case Reader in Caliornia Criminal Law, 3rd edition, offers a well balanced approach to teaching California criminal law to undergraduate students. Students learn the substantive criminal law as well as important critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills by engaging in the case briefing method of study. Crime in California provides narrative chapters which explain the nuances of each area of law in a way students can understand and provides a thorough body of case law which can be used to illustrate these principles in an exciting way.

Steve D'Arcy

Advanced Criminal Investigations: Skills and Techniques for Detectives in the 21st Century (First Edition)

Written and edited by Stephen D'Arcy, the anthology,  Advanced Criminal Investigations: Skills and Technique for Detectives in the 21st Century shares valuable insights into the effective techniques and practical skills required for advanced criminal investigations, as well as the personal qualities and characteristics that make a good detective.

The book opens with information on universal keys to successful criminal investigations. The selected readings then examine physical evidence, interviews, interrogations, and informants, crimes of violence, and human trafficking. 

There are also chapters devoted to readings on cybercrime, drug offenses, arson and explosives, property crimes, and terrorism and organized crime. The anthology includes investigative case studies and publications from the United States Department of Justice. 

Advanced Criminal Investigations is an exciting and thought-provoking examination of the challenges that face today's criminal investigators. A background in basic police procedure, forensic science, and criminal law is recommended for readers as Advanced Criminal Investigations is designed for use by criminal justice majors in courses on advanced criminal investigations. 

Dimitri Bogazianos

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed a law repealing one of the most controversial policies in American criminal justice history: the one hundred to one sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and powder whereby someone convicted of "simply" possessing five grams of crack—the equivalent of a few sugar packets—had been required by law to serve no less than five years in prison.

5 Grams: Crack Cocaine, Rap Music, and the War on Drugs (NYU Press 2012) draws on sources ranging from song lyrics to government documents to examine the profound symbolic consequences of America's reliance on this punishment structure, tracing the rich cultural linkages between America's War on Drugs, and the creative contributions of those directly affected by its destructive effects.

Mary Maguire

Humanity has developed an ambiguous relationship with substances we have come to define as drugs, particularly those drugs which alter human consciousness and behavior, psychoactive drugs. The use of such substances has resulted in a social circumstance whereby societies struggle to control human behaviors motivated and altered by their use.  Although we consider modern society to function based upon logic, science, and reason, closer scrutiny of policy, regulation, and control belies this belief.  The articles contained in Annual Editions: Drugs, Society, and Behavior 12-13 are a collection of issues and perspectives designed to provide the reader with a framework for examining current drug-related issues of facts. The book is designed to offer students something to think about and something with which to think. It is a unique collection of materials of interest to the casual as well as the serious student of drug-related social phenomena.

Mary Maguire and Daniel Okada

Critical Issues in Crime and Justice: Thought, Policy, and Practice. (Sage, 2010)

In this important book, essays explore the gamut of topics in criminal justice and criminology, examining both historical and contemporary material to illustrate the past and present of each topic covered. Drawing on a wide range of sources, the book illustrates the breadth of

research, policy, and practice implications in key areas of the field, such as crime theory, law enforcement, jurisprudence, corrections, and organizations. The coverage of concepts, insights, voices, and perspectives is geared toward students with a background in criminal justice or criminology courses to challenge them to synthesize what they have learned, to question standard interpretations, and to begin to create new directions and visions for their future careers as professionals in the field.

William Vizzard

Shots in the Dark: Policy Politics and Symbolism of Gun Control (Rowman and Littlefield 2000)   is a history of gun control policy in the US. Chapters address the evolving nature of gun control, the political conflict and interest groups, guns and crime, legal and Constitutional issues and potential future directions.

 Starting with Columbine, school shootings have brought the issue of gun control to the forefront of the American consciousness. Why it won't rise to the top of the political agenda is an important part of the story that Will Vizzard tells. Drawing on Congressional hearings, interviews, thirty years of research, and personal experience as a special agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the author takes a step back from both advocates and opponents of gun control to survey the U.S. gun landscape. What he finds there is a scene dominated by policy and public opinion extremism as well as a powerful combination of history and symbolism that impede the resolution of this conflict.

Neither a call for gun prohibition nor a diatribe against gun control, this book is intended for those with a particular interest in firearms as well as serious students of public policy and criminal justice. In addition to covering a century of gun control policy, the author addresses such current issues as assault weapons, right-to-carry and concealed-carry laws, school shootings, and recent elections. Unlike its several counterparts, SHOTS IN THE DARK sheds light on a balanced and pragmatic approach to gun control legislation.