Communication Sciences and Disorders 2018-2019 Committees

Departmental Committees


Department Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion (Primary)

  • Chair: Dr. Robert Pieretti

CSAD Primary ARTP Committee Members for Part-Time Faculty:

  • Darla Hagge
  • Heather Thompson
  • Lisa D’Angelo
  • Ex Officio: Department Chair, Dr. Robert Pieretti, conducts an independent evaluation and serves as committee chair

Student Issues and Petitions

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Lisa D’Angelo
  • Aishah Patterson
  • Celeste Roseberry-Mckibbin
  • Darla Hagge
  • Lisa D'Angelo
  • Tonia Davis
  • Heather Thompson

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association Faculty Liaison:

  • Heather Thompson

Culminating Experience (Thesis, Project, Comprehensive Exams)

  • Committee Co- Chair: Dr. Heather Thompson
  • Committee Co- Chair Dr. Darla Hagge
  • Aishah Patterson
  • Lisa D'Angelo
  • Robert Pieretti
  • Tonia Davis
  • Jeannette Reiff
  • Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

Community Relations/Advisory Board

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Heather Thompson
  • Darla Hagge, Graduate Coordinator
  • Jeannette Reiff, Clinic Coordinator
  • Robert Pieretti, Department Chair
  • Laura Gaeta, Audiology Program Director

Advisory Board Community Members:

  • Schools
    • Karen Oakley
    • Tracy Stage
    • Pat Spears-Lee
    • Margaret Addicott
    • Shawn Cullen
    • Kathy Moore
    • Melissa Bell
    • Shauna Brown
    • Katy Francis
  • Private Practice/Non-Public Agencies:
    • Stacy Jorgensen
    • Kathryn Vigil
    • Marcy Castlio
    • Holly Cook
    • Sean Green            
    • Dayna Thomas
    • Joshua Thomas
    • Angie Van Vleet
    • Marcella Mojibio
  • Hospitals
    • Dana Farias
    • Linda Fawx
    • Cassandra Ward
    • Melissa Fischer
    • Kinzie Murphy
    • Christina Roth
    • Renee Garner
  • Audiology
    • Julia Ahlquist Tanner
    • James McCartney
    • Charles Sanders
    • Robert Ivory
    • Amy White
  • Alumni:
    • Katie Lambert
    • Alli Vine

Graduate Admissions and Issues

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Darla Hagge
  • All Departmental Full-Time Faculty and Clinic Coordinator

ASHA Accreditation Committee

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Robert Pieretti
  • Dr. Darla Hagge, Graduate Coordinator
  • Jeannette Wilson Reiff, Maryjane Rees Language, Speech and Hearing Center Clinical Director
  • Dr. Laura Gaeta, Audiology Program Director
  • David Gleason, Administrative Support Coordinator
  • All Departmental Full-Time Faculty

Curriculum Committee

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Heather Thompson
  • All Departmental Full-Time Faculty
  • Clinic Coordinator: Jeannette Wilson Reiff
  • AuD Program Director- Dr. Laura Gaeta

Scholarship Committee

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Aishah Patterson
  • Lisa D'Angelo
  • Tonia Davis
  • Laura Gaeta
  • David Gleason
  • Darla Hagge
  • Aishah Patterson
  • Robert Pieretti
  • Jeannette Wilson Reiff
  • Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin
  • Heather Thompson

Assessment Committee

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Tonia Davis
  • Committee members: All Departmental Full-Time Faculty

 Audiology Faculty Search Committee

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Laura Gaeta
  • Ex Officio: Department Chair, Dr. Robert Pieretti
  • Dr. Heather Thompson
  • Dr. James McCartney
  • Dr. Charles Sanders
  • Jeannette Wilson Reiff

Audiology Advisory Committee

Audiology Advisory Committee Mission Statement: 
The Audiology Advisory Committee is comprised of professionals in audiology (including recent
graduates, practicing clinical audiologists, and audiologists in administrative positions) in the greater
Sacramento region and beyond. The committee meets to discuss biannually current issues in various
work and professional environments and to inform the department faculty about current trends and
developments in various clinical settings. The mission of the committee is to collaboratively discuss
current trends in the fields and to discuss the department’s academic and clinical programs so that
the department can integrate input from the committee into plans for the ongoing improvement and
updating of the proposed Doctor of Audiology program.

  • Dr. Julia Ahlquist Tanner, Spring 2018-Spring 2021
  • Dr. James McCartney, Spring 2018- Spring 2021
  • Dr. Charles Sanders, Spring 2018-Spring 2021
  • Dr. Robert Ivory, Spring 2018-Spring 2021
  • Dr. Amy White, Spring 2018-Spring 2021

College of Health and Human Services Committees

Administrative Council:

  • Dr. Robert Pieretti

Academic Council:

  • Dr. Heather Thompson

Faculty Professional Development:

  • Dr. Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

College Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion (Secondary):

  1. Secondary A – Retention- Darla Hagge
  2. Secondary B – Retention, Tenure and Promotion- Dr. Celeste Roseberry-Mckibbin
  3. Alternate: As assigned by Dean’s office.

Educational Equity and Student Retention:

  • Dr. Darla Hagge

IRT Advisory Committee to the Dean:

  • Dr. Celeste Roseberry-Mckibbin

CHHS Committee on Innovation & Entrepreneurship:

  • Dr. Tonia Davis

Center for Health Practice, Policy & Research:

  • Dr. Darla Hagge
  • Dr. Robert Pieretti

University Committees

Faculty Senate:

  • Senator: Elisabeth D’Angelo – term ends May 2019
  • Alternates:
    1. Aishah Patterson
    2. Tonia Davis

Faculty Senate Exceptional Assigned Time Committee (EATC):

  • CHHS representative- Dr. Lisa D’Angelo

Credential Unit Advisory Group (CUAG):

  • Dr. Robert Pieretti

Library Liaison:

  • Dr. Darla Hagge

Institutional Review Board (IRB):

  • Dr. Darla Hagge, Vice-Chair

University Diversity Awards Committee:

  • Dr. Heather Thompson

Health Clinics Compliance Workgroup:

  • Jeannette Wilson Reiff
  • Laura Gaeta

Engagement Center Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Heather Thompson

Classroom Technology Advisory Committee- College of Health & Human Services Representative

  • Dr. Aishah Patterson

Anchor University Taskforce

  • Dr. Darla Hagge

Non-Senate University Committee SSWD Mid-Level Review Pool

  • Dr. Tonia Davis

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