CSAD Part-Time Faculty Curriculum Vitae

Kim Delaney

Email: Kimberly.delaney@csus.edu
Office: Folsom 2201

Office Phone: (916)278-6601

ASHA #: 24016068      

ASHA certification: CCC-SLP   

CA License #: 18075

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 Clinical Supervisor        

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State Licensure:  California Speech-Language Pathologist License SP 18075            State: CA

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California State University, Sacramento


Speech Pathology


California State University, Sacramento


Speech Pathology and Audiology


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 Internship Liaison

Major specialty areas:

Early-Intervention, 3-5 Preschool Population

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Course Number Course Name Program Term(s) Taught
CSAD 243B Prac: Lang Disorders II CSAD Master’s Fall 2013
CSAD 243C Prac: Lang Disorders III CSAD Master’s Spring 2018
CSAD 295I Intern: SLHS Schools CSAD Master’s Fall 2017, 2016, 2014
Spring 2017, 2016, 2015
CSAD 295M Intern: SLP Medical CSAD Master’s Spring 2018, 2014
CSAD 295S Internship: SLP Special Class CSAD Master’s Spring 2015, 2014


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Activities related to clinical service delivery within the past 5 years. 2013-2018

October 2008- June 2014

Speech-Language Pathologist Progressus Therapy, Inc. Sacramento, California

General Duties:

-Identify and evaluate students with speech and language disabilities through standard screening and assessment procedures

-Attend IEPs to discuss findings and make recommendations

April 2014-Present

Owner, President and Lead Speech-Language Pathologist Connected Speech Therapy, Inc. Sacramento, California

General Duties:

-Provide speech and language services, including treatment and assessment, to local school districts, regional centers, insurance carriers and private pay clients

-Coordination and execution of contracts

-Ongoing management of 7 therapists

-Provide supervision of CFY/RPE candidates and Speech Language Pathology Assistants

-Coordinate and provide staff trainings to meet human resource and continuing education needs of staff

-Complete scheduling, billing and payroll

-Coordinate medical, dental, vision and 401k benefits

Clinical supervision experiences with the past 5 years  2013-2018

August 2013-Present

Clinical Instructor.  Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology.  California State University, Sacramento.  Sacramento, California.

Clinical Supervision/Campus Supervision Liaison:  SPHP 243B Language II-Language Disorders (Fall 2013); SPHP 295C Internship: Speech Pathology Hospital/Clinic (Spring 2014); SPHP 295B Internship: Speech-Language and Hearing Services in Schools (Fall 2014); SPHP  295D Internship: Special Class Authorization Eligibility (Fall 2014); SPHP  295S Internship: Special Class Authorization Eligibility (Spring 2015); SPHP  295S Internship: Special Class Authorization Eligibility (Spring 2015); SPHP 295I Internship: Speech-Language and Hearing Services in Schools (Spring 2016, Fall 2016); CSAD 295I Internship: Speech-Language and Hearing Services in Schools (Spring 2017, Fall 2017); CSAD 243C Practice: Language Disorders III (Spring 2018); CSAD  295M Internship: Speech-Language Pathology in a Medical Setting (Spring 2018)

Professional development completed within the past 5 years.  2013-2018


  • The Whole Brain Child Approach  November 08, 2013  6 hours
  • Current Best Strategies to Help SLPs Better Meet Student Needs  October 18, 2013  6 hours
  • Early Intervention for Social-Emotional Development  June 11, 2014  6 hours


  • More Than Words: Hanen Certification Workshop August 16, 2015  5 hours
  • Thinking About You Thinking About Me   December 07, 2015  6 hours
  • Aural Rehabilitation In Private Practice January 23, 2016 .5 hours
  • Teaching Social Thinking to Early Learners through Stories and Play Based Activities February 11, 2016  6 hours
  • What’s Play Got to Do with Classroom Learning? Exploring Social Executive Functioning and Social Emotional Learning for Early Learners  February 12, 2016  6 hours
  • Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH Model May 02, 2016  6 hours
  • Problem Solving with Kids! Combining Collaborative and Proactive Solutions with Social Thinking to Teach Everyone New Skills  May 03, 2016  6 hours
  • Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME May 04, 2016  6 hours
  • Implementing Social Thinking Concepts and Vocabulary: A Day to Develop Team Creativity May 05, 2016  6 hours
  • Master Class Exploring Key Social Communication Concepts through Hands-on Activities May 06, 2016  6 hours


  • Time Saving Strategies: Moving from Caseload to Workload February 12, 2018  5 hours

Professionally related service activities for the past 5 years. 2013-2018


Service on Departmental, College and University committees for the past 5 years. 2013-2018 














Academic/Professional Honors and Recognition 2013-2018