CSAD Part-Time Faculty Curriculum Vitae

Scott A. Jackson

Email: sj227@csus.edu;

ASHA #:          01111122

ASHA certification:        CCC-SLP

CA License #: 10401

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Employment Status: (Employment status is based on the individual’s status assigned by the university.)


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Academic Rank:


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Role to this program (Select all that apply)

            Instructional Faculty      

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Indicate program other than the accredited Master’s SLP program for which this faculty member contributes a percentage of their overall FTE.


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Tenure Status:

            Non-tenured and not on a tenure track  

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Indicate credentials this individual holds:

            State Licensure: CA

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Indicate the highest degree earned:


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Degree, institution, year granted and field of study for all degrees earned:

Degree Earned

Institution Name

Year Granted

Field of Study


Thiel College


Speech-Hearing Sciences


University of Arizona


Speech-Language Pathology









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Percentage (in decimals) of FTE (workload) allocated to the graduate program for classroom teaching.  (Note: Apply the institution’s formula to calculate this.)


Full-TIme Faculty Equivalent (FTE)= 15 Weighted Teaching Units per semester

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Other contributions allocated to the graduate program

            Student intern supervisor at hospital

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Major specialty areas:

            Voice and swallowing disorders

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Courses taught.  Provide the course number, course name, and term(s) taught:

Course Number Course Name Program Term(s) Taught
CSAD 227 Dysphagia&Medical Setting CSAD Masters Fall 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
CSAD 127 Voice Disorders CSAD Masters Spring 2008

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Publications and Presentations completed within the past 5 years. 2013-2018 ONLY


Lecturer/Conference Key Note Speaker:

*California State university-Sacramento, Hayward, San Francisco (Guest Lecturer for graduate classes)

*University of Arizona Speech-Language Clinic (Guest Lecturer)

*National Student Speech-Hearing-Language Association (“Counseling the Neurogenic Patient & Family”)

*National Student Speech-Hearing-Language Association (“The Voice is the window to our Emotions”)

*Sacramento State University Diversity Coalition (“Transgender Voice Therapy”)

*CA Speech-Hearing-Language Association annual conf. (“Counseling the Neurogenic Patient & Family”)

*National Student Speech-Hearing-Language Association (“Neurogenic Voice Disorders)

*Sacramento Area Speech & Hearing Association (full day conference: “Dysphagia in All Age Groups”)

*Arizona Speech and Hearing Association (“Dysphagia Case Studies”)

*Community Church Alliance (“But I Can’t Remember-Memory Loss”)

*Solano Rotary Club (“My Voice…Where did it Go?)

*Vacaville Rotary Club (“My Voice…Where did it Go?)

Medical Staff Inservices:

*Pediatric Residency Department of David Grant Medical Center (“Oral- Motor/Feeding Assessment and Treatment of Birth to 5 years”)

*Kaiser Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (“Speech/Language & Oral-Motor/Feeding Assessment & Tx”)

*Napa State Hospital Medical Staff Guest Speaker-3 times (“Dysphagia”, “Aphasia”, & “Cognitive-Linguistic Evaluation/Therapy”)

*California Veterans Home, Yountville Medical Staff Guest Speaker-3 times (“Dysphagia”, “Aphasia”, & “Cognitive-Linguistic Evaluation/Therapy”)

*NorthBay Speech Dept. (numerous inservices on voice, dysphagia, & communicative/cognitive deficits)

*NorthBay Primary Care Physicians (“Speech Therapy services at NorthBay”)

*NorthBay Nursing Department-2 times (“Dysphagia Management” and “Free Water Program”)

*NorthBay Food Service and Dietary Departments (“Dysphagia and Food Services’ Role in Management”)

Support Group Speaker:

*Stroke Support Group (“Speech Therapy Following a Stroke”)

*COPD Support Group-2 times (“Swallowing & COPD” & “Voice Changes Associated with COPD”).

*Carondelet Healthy Seniors Program-2 times (“Memory Changes and Aging”)

*Parkinson’s Support Groups-3 times (Parkinson’s Disease & Voice)

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Activities related to clinical service delivery within the past 5 years. 2013-2018

Evaluates and treats all age ranges including neonatal to adults but currently mostly adults. Previous areas include swallowing, language voice, articulation (speech), and communicative-cognitive deficits. Expertise and current caseload includes evaluation and management/therapy across the continuum of care (ICU-outpatient) of patients with swallowing and/or voice disorders. Completed certification of nasendoscopy. Performs  Laryngeal Video Stroboscopy (rigid and flexible), FEES, Modified Barium Swallow Studies, and NMES. He has specialized training working with Head and Neck Cancer patients. Treatment expertise include soft tissue management via massage and myofascial release. Assists in the development of new evaluation forms (including for Cerner Computerized System for Healthcare Organizations.

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Clinical supervision experiences with the past 5 years  2013-2018

*Clinical Fellowship Year Supervisor-1 time

*Graduate Student Intern Supervisor-12 times (Arizona and California)

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Professional development completed within the past 5 years.  2013-2018

*Brain-Behavior Relations Following Right Hemisphere Damage; MSCC

*MBSImP and Dysphagia Practice: Targeted Intervention Through Standardized Physiologic Swallow Assessment; NSS

*Practical Intervention Strategies for Adults w/ ABI; MSCC

 *STAR Program Certification Course (Specialist Certification for Cancer Treatment); CIAO

*CSHA State Convention; CSHA

*Clinical Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology University Training Programs; CSUS

*HIPAA Compliance; CCB

*Pulmonary Issues Across the Ages; MSCC

*Advanced Swallowing Course (attended and lectured); Stanford University           

*Voice Therapy: a Comprehensive Approach; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

*Esophagus for the Speech pathologist: Management of Non-Pathologic Forms of Esophageal Dysphagia; NSS

*Instruction and Clinical Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology University Training Programs, CSUS

*Corporate Compliance; CCB

*Using Lingraphica Speech-Generating Devices; Apps, and Online Therapy: and Introductory Inservice; Lingraphica

*Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Dysarthria; MSCC

*Myofascial Release Seminar for Neck, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders; Walt Fritz’s Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminars

*EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence; CA State University

*CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment; CA State University

*CSU: Data Security & Privacy; CA State University

*Instruction and Clinical Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology University Training Program, CSUS

*Oh My Aching Voice, the SLP’s role in the Treatment of Presbphonia; MSCC

*Transgender Voice and Communication: Vocal Health and Considerations; SF State University

* Instruction and Clinical Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology University Training Programs, CSUS

*The Art and Science of the Performing Voice; University of WA

*Refining your Clinical Toolkit (attended and lectured); Sacramento State NSSLHA Chapter Spring Conference

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Professionally related service activities for the past 5 years. 2013-2018;

California State University-Sacramento Graduate School Steering Committee Member

 KTVU Speech Pathologist Consultant for news anchors and reporters (present)

Included on list of the San Francisco Opera Company for voice therapists

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Service on Departmental, College and University committees for the past 5 years. 2013-2018 





Steering Committee

Graduate School








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Academic/Professional Honors and Recognition 2013-2018  

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