Part-Time Faculty Pool Application Process

Communication Sciences and Disorders areas of need (not an exhaustive list, please contact the department regarding topics not covered below):

Accent modification; Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism; Articulation; Augmentative/alternative/communication (AAC); Autism Spectrum Disorders; Child Language Disorders; Communication Disorders; Counseling; Curriculum; Degenerative disorders; Developmental disorders and syndromes; Dysphagia; Fluency; Language and Literacy Development; Language disorders; Medical Speech Pathology; Motor Speech Disorders; Neurogenic Language Disorders; Neurological disorders; Phonetic Sciences; Phonological disorders; Speech Sound Development; Voice; Audiology; Aural Rehabilitation; Central Auditory Processing disorders; Hearing Screenings

Minimum requirement: master's degree and 3 years field experience. Teaching and/or supervision experience preferred. Criminal Background Check Required. 


Applicants should send to the department:

  1. a letter of application, stating their interests and qualifications,
  2. a current resume or curriculum vita
  3. Contact information:
    1. email,
    2. phone
    3. mailing address
  4. Transcripts (except for studies conducted at Sac State. Please indicate dates of enrollment at Sac State if applicable)
  5. Current ASHA membership (CCC) number
  6. California Licensure number
  7. References


Submit documents via email to Department Chair ( and CC the Department Administrative Coordinator (

Or by mail:

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

California State University, Sacramento

6000 J Street MS 6071

Sacramento, CA 95819

Attn: Part-Time Instructor Pool


Pool Verification

When a need arises, qualified candidates will be contacted to complete the pool verification process:

 Application materials verified and reviewed by the department

  1. Interview with Department Chair and faculty.
  2. Applicant provides/confirms the following information:
    1. Full legal name
    2. Mailing address
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Social Security number 
  3. Criminal Background Check

Course offering

When a need arises, the department will contact the qualified and verified member(s) of the part-time faculty pool (see above) with details of available courses to determine if the applicant is a good fit for the course. 

The Department is under no obligation to offer employment to any applicant and any offers of employment are tentative until foormal contracts have been aproved, issued and signed by all parties. 


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