Approved Kinesiology Internship Sites

California State University Executive Order 1064 requires that all internship sites must be authorized by the University. Prior to enrolling a student into a Kinesiology internship, a contract between the site and the university must be established. Effective Fall 2014, all internships sites must be authorized.

The following is a list of approved internship sites that have a contract with the university. You are limited to only the sites on this list. On-campus sites such as the WELL and the Athletic Training rooms do not need additional authorization.

If you would like to use a site that is not on the approved internship site list, you must inform the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science 16 weeks prior to the semester you are seeking to enroll.  There is no guarantee that a site will agree to the contract, or that the University Procurement Contract Office will approve an individual site. Please see your faculty advisor for more information.

Internship Add Forms

KINS 194B / KINS 195B / KINS 194F

KINS 195A / KINS 195A (ACE Program)

KINS 194A / KINS 194D / KINS 194G / KINS 195A / KINS 195C / KINS 195D (All Other Internships)