Graduate Program Thesis/Project Procedures

Selection of Thesis/Project Chair and Reader

You should select your Thesis/Project Committee Chair prior to taking KINS 299 and beginning preliminary development of a topic. See Appendix A for a list of all eligible faculty members and their areas of expertise. Before enrolling in KINS 211, select a Committee Chair and a Reader, select a thesis/project topic and begin working on a review of the literature or on a pilot study.

Your Master's program academic advisor may serve as your Thesis/Project Committee Chair OR you may select another faculty member with expertise related to your topic. Your Chair must advise or teach in the Kinesiology Graduate Program. You will also need to select a Reader, who should be a member of the Kinesiology faculty. However, faculty from other departments may serve as Readers if requested.

Thesis/Project Process

Upon completion of the majority of coursework, students register for KINS 211 in which a Thesis or Project Proposal is developed and presented to the class. Students may begin collecting data only after the proposal is approved in KINS 211 and after procedures have been approved by the Human Subjects Committee.

Oral Defense Guidlines and Forms

NOTE: As a student in KINS 500, you are eligible to receive extended library privileges. The special library card marked "Thesis" is available from the Graduate Center. You will need to provide proof of enrollment.

For Thesis/Project format, the Kinesiology Department uses the most recent editions of the CSUS Thesis/Project/Dissertation Format and Information Workshop and the most current APA Publication Manual for reference citation format.

Following successful completion of KINS 211, stay in contact with your Committee Chair regarding your progress in collecting data and writing your manuscript. Expect to write and rewrite your manuscript several times in order to complete a high quality project. Continue to register for KINS 500 each semester until you have completed 4 units. If you have taken 4 units of KINS500, but have not completed your Thesis/Project, you may register for Continuous Enrollment at a lower fee. Contact the Graduate Center for information regarding this option.

Communicate with your Reader as to his/her preference for frequency of draft review. Usually a Reader is provided with a near completed project to evaluate.

Upon completion, submit the Thesis/Project on bond paper with signatures to the Graduate Coordinator for departmental format approval.

Before submitting the thesis or project to the Graduate Coordinator:

  • Review the Thesis/Project Checklist for format that was provided in KINS 211
  • Review the checklists in the CSUS Guide for Thesis Format and the CSUS Guide for Project Format located on the Office of Graduate Studies website.
  • Secure your Chair and Reader's signatures (black ink) on the required number of copies of the approval page. The Chair also needs to sign the abstract page.

Make an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator for format evaluation.

Provide the original signed, unbound copy and at least one additional signed, unbound copy of the Thesis or Project to the Graduate Coordinator for format review. Both copies should be printed on bond paper. If corrections are necessary, two (or more) copies of the corrected materials will be required.

After the Graduate Coordinator has signed the format approval page, submit the original manuscript to the Graduate Studies Office for final approval. They will review the manuscript while you wait. Call the Graduate Studies Office to confirm hours during which the evaluator will be available.