Health Science

Program Impaction

Health Science has been granted impaction. Students must submit a supplemental application. Please review the admissions criteria. 

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Minimum total units for BS: 120

Note: Additional units may be required to meet the Sacramento State foreign language requirement.


Community Health Education
Health Care Administration
Occupational Health and Safety

Program Description

The academic area of study in Health Science is part of the total program of the College of Health and Human Services. Students pursue a concentration of courses leading to a degree with specialization and job skills applicable to community settings, health care administration, occupational health and safety, and other health related fields. The faculty continues to support the idea of broad based professional preparation such that graduates will have wider appeal in the job market.

Students can expect to be involved, both in class and field experiences, in areas that deal with significant issues such as health care costs, consumer related issues, drug related problems, sexuality related matters, non-intentional injury causes and prevention, and other personal, occupational, and community health and safety issues as well as management, business and administration skills in the health care administration option.

Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in the broad health sciences will find that the BS program provides the foundation upon which to build MPH, MA or MS in community, health care administration, or occupational health and safety degree programs.

Note: Students who have completed the physician assistant program at UC Davis Medical Center and who wish to obtain a BS degree in Health Science at California State University, Sacramento, should contact the Admissions & Outreach Office for more information.

Note: Health Science courses depend upon concentration, permission of the faculty advisor, program coordinator, and department chair.