Degree: Bachelor of Science

Minimum total units for BS: 120

Note: Additional units may be required to meet the Sacramento State foreign language requirement.


Exercise Science
Physical Education

Program Description

Kinesiology is an academic area of study concerned with the art and science of human movement. The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree with two concentrations of study (Physical Education and Exercise Science), a Master of Science with two concentrations of study (Exercise Science and Movement Studies), and a Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Certificate.

The Exercise Science program has two options: a Health Fitness/Strength Conditioning Specialist and a Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation Specialist.  The Exercise Science program mission is to study the scientific basis of how the human body functions across the lifespan in response to physical activity, exercise and sport. Students will gain a deep integrative understanding of human body functions at the mechanical, cellular, organ, and systems levels.

The Physical Education concentration is designed with two options: the first option, Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE), prepares students for a teaching career in physical education. The student who completes the program will have the breadth and depth of knowledge regarding developmentally appropriate physical education. The second option: Physical Activity Conditioning and Coaching (PACC), prepares students for a career in a variety of movement settings, other than the traditional physical education teaching career.

A Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Certificate program, and two Minor programs (Coaching and Supplementary Authorization in Physical Education) are also available.

Special Features

  • The Kinesiology facilities include state of the art high tech laboratories for motor learning, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sport performance, and physical therapy/therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.
  • Several activity spaces are available, including dance, weight training, and gymnastics rooms. Outside facilities include a lap pool, tennis courts, jogging trails, sports fields, and aquatic center.
  • Kinesiology majors at Sacramento State have opportunities for unique experiences at the undergraduate level. In the Physical Education Concentration, students observe and teach children in both on and off campus field sites. Exercise Science curriculum integrates knowledge from such life-science disciplines as anatomy, chemistry, and physiology to study how humans function at the level of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. This program of study emphasizes both the role of physical activity in human health and function across the lifespan and the responses to various forms of stress.
  • Students gain useful experience through their internships at various on and off campus locations.
  • Students interested in Physical Therapy build a valuable background of experience in community hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • At the graduate level, students engage in a variety of research projects, both on and off campus in the areas of Exercise Science and Movement Studies.

Note: Students interested in majoring or minoring in Kinesiology are encouraged to see their faculty advisor or visit the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science office for information on how to obtain a faculty advisor assignment.

The department of Kinesiology and Health Science is a member of the American Kinesiology Association.

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