Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Certificate

Course Requirements for Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Certificate

Units required: 28 
The program includes a minimum of 28 units of specified coursework. All courses listed must be completed with a "C" or better. A suggested order of classes is listed below.

Courses in parentheses are prerequisites.

Credits Number Title
(3) KINS 151
Kinesiology (BIO 022)
(3) KINS 152 Physiology of Exercise (BIO 131 or equivalent)
(3) KINS 137
KINS 160
Sociology of Sport
Sport and Exercise Psychology
(3) KINS 156 Care of Athletic Injuries
(3) FACS 113 Nutrition and Metabolism (BIO 010 or BIO 020; CHEM 001A or CHEM 006A)
(2) KINS 144 Analysis of Weight Training
(3) KINS 132 Planning, Designing and Managing a Fitness Center
(3) KINS 120
Scientific Bases of Physical Conditioning
(3) KINS 153
Cardiovascular Testing and Exercise Prescription (KINS 152 or instructor permission)
(2) KINS 194A
Assigned Field Experience in Kinesiology
Directed Field Experience in Kinesiology

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