LVN to RN Frequently Asked Questions


How are students selected for the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option Program?

When selecting students for the 30-Unit Option Program, applications are reviewed and students are ranked according to GPA. Then, a determination is made as to whether space is available in the first two courses in the 30-Unit Option program due to progression changes by continuing, traditional BSN students. Open slots are awarded to 30-Unit Option applicants based upon application ranking.

How many students are selected each semester?

As many as are qualified, space available. No more than four students have been admitted in a single semester in the past 7 years. Several semesters, there has been no space available because all slots were filled by continuing, traditional BSN students. We regret that the School of Nursing does not receive funding to provide specific slots for 30-Unit Option students. However, the School is committed to fill open slots with LVN to RN students when possible.

How many students usually apply to the program?

On average, the School of Nursing receives 15 applications each semester for the 30-Unit Option program and about half of the applications are valid and complete.

How successful are students in the program? Do you provide any statistics on completion or NCLEX-RN pass rates?

The students who have attended the 30-Unit Option program have generally done well, progressed, and passed their RN licensure exam on the first attempt. We do not provide specific, annual statistics for progression because we have had so few students enroll in the program and doing so might risk individuals' federal academic privacy rights. However, aggregate student data is discussed during group advising sessions.


When are the nursing applications available? When are they due?

Nursing applications for the 30-Unit Option program are usually posted on the School of Nursing website by September 15th and due October 15th for admission to the spring semester and are available February 1st and due March 1st for admission to the fall semester.

Has a student on the non-priority pool list ever been selected for the program?

Yes, this has happened some years ago but not in the past five 5 due to lack of admission space.

When should I apply to the University?

If you are only planning to attend the University for the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option program, you should wait until you are admitted into the 30-Unit Option program before applying to the University.  We have an agreement with admissions that LVN to RN students may be admitted late. This prevents students from applying to the University without being admitted into the program. Remember, there is a fee to apply to the University but not to apply to the 30-Unit Option program.

If you are planning to pursue a degree in another field (since the 30-Unit Option program is a non-degree program), you should consult the University application requirements and deadlines. Note that students admitted to the 30-Unit Option program do not need to meet University eligibility requirements for admission. Students who apply to the University but do not get admitted to the 30-Unit Option program do need to meet University admission criteria.

May I apply after the deadlines posted by the University and the School of Nursing?

If you do not meet the deadlines posted by the School of Nursing, your application for that semester will not be in the priority pool. This means that all applicants in the priority pool must be offered a slot in the program before we can offer a slot to someone in the non-priority pool.

University admission deadlines are not applicable for students applying only to the 30-Unit Option program (see previous question).

If I complete the University and nursing applications for one semester, but I do not get accepted, do I need to complete a new University application and pay another fee?

Yes, the University application process has a fee and must be repeated. This is another reason to hold off on applying to the University if you are only seeking completion of the 30-Unit Option and not a degree.

If you apply to the 30-Unit Option program and are not selected, you need only notify the LVN 30-Unit Option Advisor of your intent to apply for the following semester – in writing. You will also need to provide documentation of updated LVN license, if necessary, as well as official transcripts to reflect any coursework taken after the submission of the original application.

If I send transcripts to the University, will the nursing department have access to the transcripts?

No. We do not have access to files in Admissions and Records. It is important to keep in mind that whatever is sent to admissions is completely separate from what is sent to the School of Nursing for the nursing application. You should send your official transcrips directly to the School of Nursing with your 30-Unit Option application packet.

How often should I check with the School of Nursing regarding the status of my application?

The acceptance, alternate and denial emails are usually sent around the beginning of January for Spring acceptance and the beginning of June for Fall acceptance. Timelines are identified in all correspondence. The advisor will keep you apprised of your status throughout the process via email.

What if I am accepted into the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option Program and then I need to delay starting the program?  Will I automatically be accepted the following semester?

No, your space is not held and you will need to reapply the following semester and notify the LVN Advisor of your intent to reapply.


If the course on Physiology (with a lab) was combined with the Anatomy course, do I need a separate Physiology course?

In general, students need a Physiology course with a lab that is not combined with Anatomy.  If you have completed Anatomy and Physiology I with a lab, you must also complete Anatomy and Physiology II with lab to meet the prerequisite requirements. Submitting your transcripts with all the coursework you have taken will help to make a decision regarding this.

I have one of the prerequisites “in progress” when I submit my nursing application.  Will I still be considered for that semester?

You may be considered, but you will not be part of the priority pool of applicants and preference may be given to students who have completed the prerequisites.


Is the nursing student orientation before the start of classes mandatory?

Yes. Orientation is generally held the Wednesday before the first day of the semester. If you miss the orientation you may lose your spot and will need to reapply for the following semester. Orientation information and dates are provided with your admission notice.

How is the program structured?

Students in the 30-Unit Option program take an advanced medical-surgical nursing course and a mental health nursing course during the first semester; both courses include lecture and clinical hours. Second semester courses include theory and clinical in pediatric nursing and obstetrical nursing as well as a seminar in leadership and management. In general, lectures, labs, and clinicals take place Monday-Friday, although there may be a rare occasion when weekends must be utilized to accommodate clinical or lab.

Will I get a degree or a certificate?

No, the 30-Unit Option is a non-degree program. Completing the 30 Units of course work will allow you to take the NCLEX-RN to obtain the RN license for California. Note: Due to the unique laws of the State of California which provide for the 30-Unit Option, the RN license will likely not be recognized in any other state.

Who is my faculty advisor once I am in the program?

The LVN Advisor will be your faculty advisor while you complete the program.

Will my LVN liability insurance cover me when I am in clinical as a nursing student?

No, you need separate insurance as a nursing student. You will be required to pay for malpractice insurance through the University via semester fee.

Are 30-Unit Option students able to challenge out of courses?

The only class that may be challenged is NURS 138: Nursing the Childrearing Family, which is taken during the second semester. LVNs who have special educational preparation and acute care work experience (current work in a hospital pediatric unit) may be able to challenge depending on an evaluation by the LVN Advisor and course faculty. Challenge information is provided to students after admission to the program.

What if I have completed RN college-level courses elsewhere?

It is extremely important that you submit all transcripts to be considered for acceptance for credit in the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option program. Some courses completed in other nursing programs may be equivalent to the program nursing courses and therefore, you may receive credit. This determination will be made by individual course faculty after you are enrolled in the program.

Is coursework from the external degree program, Excelsior College (also known as New York Regents) accepted for credit in the 30-Unit Option Program?

Nursing coursework is not accepted from Excelsior. Credit for other coursework may be possible, but the specific courses need to be evaluated first by the Sacramento State faculty.

When will I become eligible to take my state boards to become an RN?

According to the California BRN, students must have transcripts to show that they have completed the necessary coursework in the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option program before they can sit for the state boards. Note also that all Sacramento State nursing students must, at program completion, achieve a minimum score on a computerized NCLEX-RN predictor examination before being allowed to take the RN licensure exam.


If I received my RN license through the LVN to RN 30-Unit Option Program, could I be considered for the RN to BSN or MSN programs at Sacramento State?

Students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in nursing should attend a group advising session for the RN to BSN program. Please review the RN to BSN information posted also in the School of Nursing website. Similarly, those interested in the MSN program should attend a group advising session regarding the graduate program – check the website for the schedule.

What if I have all my prerequisites for the BSN program and that is what I know I want?

If you are interested in doing this, see the BSN website. You are also strongly encouraged to attend the group advising for BSN students. You would apply to be admitted directly into the BSN program. (Do NOT apply to the LVN to RN program as the applications for the two programs vary greatly.) You will be in a larger pool of applicants and the process is much more competitive. Students are given points based upon GPA and the scores from the ATI TEAS exam (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and then ranked according to the total points.