Supplemental Worksheet Instructions

Sacramento State requires that all applicants must submit the DPT Supplemental Prerequisite Worksheet.  This worksheet must be completed and uploaded to your PTCAS application by the deadline date.

Applicants will submit the following information for each course:Supplemental Prerequisite Worksheet

  • Name of institution where course was taken
  • Course number and title
  • Semester or quarter units
  • Semester and year the course was taken
  • Number of units and grade
  • In-progress or planned status for pending courses

Applications missing this document will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

STEP 1:  Enter your contact information.
This includes the following information:

  • Name (last, first)
  • Email Address
  • Phone number

STEP 2:  List ALL prerequisite coursework.

Include the following information for all prerequisite courses you have completed, are currently enrolled in, or plan to complete by end of Spring.

  • Name of College/University courses were taken at
  • Course number and title
  • Semester or Quarter term
  • Term course was taken
  • Year course was taken
  • Number of units
  • Grade

Prerequisite courses must have one of the following grades to be accepted:

  • In-Progress
  • Planned
  • CR
  • A
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • B
  • C+
  • C

STEP 3:  Optional Advanced Academic Coursework - UPPER DIVISION ONLY

Additional admission points can be earned for upper division Advanced Academic cousework.  Applicants may submit a maximum of four upper division courses with a grade of "B-" or higher that were completed prior to the application deadline. Only one course from each of the categories listed below will be considered:

Advance Courses We Accept:

  1. Advanced Human Anatomy
  2. Neuroanatomy
  3. Neurophysiology
  4. Advanced Biomechanics
  5. Advanced Exercise Physiology or Cardiac
  6. General Microbiology
  7. Motor Learning
  8. Therapeutic Exercise

STEP 4:  Save as PDF

Once you have completed the supplemental prerequisite worksheet save it as a PDF document to be uploaded to your PTCAS application.  Be sure to include your last name and first initial when naming the document.  Your document should print out on just one page.  If you have problems with this step you may contact Jerri McAtee at for assistance.   


If you receive the following error while trying to complete your Supplemental Worksheet it may be for one of the following Reasons:

  Supplemental Error Code

  • If you receive this error code when trying to enter the name of your school or the course number and title, you may have exceeded the number of allowable characters. To correct this, try abbreviating the school name or title of the course.  Please do not abbreviate the course number. 
  • If you receive this error while trying to enter the Semester or Quarter, Term, Units, or Grade, try selecting the correct option from the dropdown list. Since we do not accept prerequisite courses with a grade of “C-“ or lower, those grades are not an option on the dropdown list.
  • If your course has partial units select the closest unit value and make a note of it in the comments section at the bottom of the form.