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Tony Sheppard
Dr. Tony Sheppard
Christine Hur
Dr. JungYun "Christine" Hur
Assistant Professor
Abhijeet Shirsat
Dr. Abhijeet Shirsat
Assistant Professor
John Cusick
Dr. John Cusick

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Commercial Recreation, and Event Planning courses focus on the basics of entrepreneurial businesses, and the skills needed for working with for-profit, commercial recreation and experience industry agencies (e.g., resorts, hotels, conference and meeting facilities, cruise lines, event planners, destination marketing agencies, travel agencies). Students who take courses in this area are being trained for positions in enterprises which offer leisure services and/or products for a profit. Examples include clubs and spas, resorts, ski areas, theme parks, and the hospitality industry.



Students interested in Hospitality and Tourism follow the information for the B.S. in Recreation Administration - Recreation and Park Management Concentration, being careful to take the course options most appropriate for hospitality and tourism (shown below). This concentration is 57-59 unitsStudents should meet with their faculty advisor to ensure that all of the required courses have been completed. All courses require a grade of C- or higher.

The suggested course pattern for Hospitality and Tourism is as follows1:

Required Lower Division Courses (16 units)

  • RPTA 1
  • RPTA 30
  • RPTA 32
  • RPTA 42
  • RPTA 96A2 
  • RPTA 96C3

Required Upper Division Courses (26-28 units)

  • RPTA 101
  • RPTA 105
  • RPTA 106
  • RPTA 110
  • RPTA 136
  • RPTA 183
  • RPTA 195E (or with permission, RPTA 195B & RPTA 195C)

Elective Courses4, 5 (15 units)
Students are required to take 15 units of electives and should choose five courses from the list of RPM electives that relate to hospitality, tourism, or event planning: RPTA 96D, RPTA 139, RPTA 164, RPTA 165, RPTA 182, RPTA 184, RPTA 185, RPTA 189, and RPTA 196H. 

Electives can help students complete one or both of the certificate programs in:

  • Hospitality and Tourism Administration (see certificates and minors link for details)
  • Event Planning (see certificates and minors link for details)

1RPTA has received approval for a new degree pattern that is slightly different than the current catalog that lists RPTA 160 and 166. Those courses are no longer offered as part of the requirements, so please follow the suggested course pattern outlined above that includes 96A and 96C.
2RPTA 96A: Introduction to Recreation Law may be replaced by an Introduction to Business Law course. Please speak to your advisor if you have this equivalent.
3RPTA 96C: Cost Management for Hospitality may be replaced by Accounting 1 or its equivalent (some community colleges require two semesters to equal Accounting 1). Please speak to your adivsor if you have this equivalent.
4RPTA 21, RPTA 100, and RPTA 122 do NOT count for the major.
5With permission, FACS 9: Food Safety and Sanitation, may substitute for an elective in HTM. This course can also count as part of the Hospitality and Tourism Administration Certificate Program. Please email Dr. Shaw for more information. 


This Concentration requires 600 hours of pre-internship. All pre-internship hours must be completed before a student can enroll in the internship course (RPTA 195). Students should consult with their faculty advisor for questions regarding pre-internship hours. 


This Concentration requires a 400 hour (10-units of RPTA 195) internship as part of our national accreditation. Students are responsible for finding their own internship sites, and you should speak to your advisor to help you make an appropriate choice. (See the Recreation and Park Management link for Internships for more information.)


Hospitality and Tourism students are advised by either Dr. Sheppard, Dr. Hur, or Dr. Shirsat. Students are assigned an advisor upon declaring the major in the RPTA Main Office (4000 Solano Hall) or during Orientation for new students. 

Scholarship information for HTM students can be found on the Scholarships link under Student Resources. 

Declaring the Major

To declare the major, visit the Recreation and Park Management (RPM) link for Advising.

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