Are you interested in having Sac State students intern for your agency?

Supervising an intern can be a rewarding experience and a chance for an agency to help educate the next generation of recreation, parks and tourism managers.

All students in our department are required to complete an internship. The internship requirements are based on the standards set by the Council of Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT).

How to Get an Intern: We want to make the process easy.

  1. Send a flyer or email description to the department (, subject line: Internship Announcement) by the dates suggested below. Make sure the announcement includes:
    1. Agency name and location
    2. Dates (semester) of internship
    3. Description of the internship duties
    4. Minimum requirements
    5. Paid or volunteer
    6. What is required to apply (resume, etc.)
    7. Where/how to send resume, application, etc.
    8. Contact for additional questions
  2. Once an intern is selected, please review the intern’s goals and objectives and sign the internship paperwork (these will be provided by the prospective intern).
  3. Direct any additional questions to the Department Chair, Dr. Greg Shaw ( or the intern’s faculty advisor.

When to Announce Internships: Our students may sign up for internships in Fall, Spring, or Summer. Timing is crucial for you to gain an intern, so we ask that you send flyers/announcements for internship opportunities at least one month ahead of registration periods. Students register in:

  • May (and August) for the Fall Semester
  • December for the Spring Semester
  • April for the Summer Session

Click for details and minimum requirements for Recreation Therapy internships.

Click for details and minimum requirements for Recreation and Park Management internships.

Recreation and Park Management includes:
Non-Profit and Community Recreation 
Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation 
Hospitality, Tourism and Commercial Recreation