Minor Programs

The Minor Programs in Non-Profit Administration and Recreation Administration are 21-unit programs designed for non-RPTA majors (RPTA majors cannot complete a minor program, and should see the link for RPTA Certificate Programs). The Minor in Non-Profit Administration will give students a solid background in grant writing and fundraising for non-profit agencies of all types, as well as the management skills to successfully lead in the non-profit sector. The Minor in Recreation Administration is less-specific, and can be configured to support other undergraduate degrees at Sacramento State. 

Minor Requirements - Non-Profit Administration

The Minor in Non-Profit Administration consists of 3 units of foundation coursework (leisure theory), 12 units of required classes, and 6 units of electives related to non-profit management. 

Minor Requirements - Recreation Administration*

The Minor in Recreation Administration consists of 3 units of foundation coursework (leisure theory), 9 units of RPTA core classes, and 9 units of RPTA electives from the Recreation and Park Management Concentration. Use the Recreation Administration Minor Advising Form (below) for information on which core courses are open to minors. For a listing of elective courses open to minors, use the Recreation Administration Minor for Certificates (below). 

ATTN: For students interested in one of the RPTA Certificate Programs, you should follow the Recreation Administration Minor for Certificates* (below). This form allows you to make the appropriate course changes to complete a certificate in the minor. 

RPTA Faculty are well equipped to advise students from a wide-range of backgrounds. Faculty contain degrees in areas such as Forestry, Business Administration and Geography, and understand the important relationship between RPTA and other disciplines.

To Declare the Minor: 

Signing up for the minor is easy! If you are interested in declaring either of the RPTA minor programs, please visit the RPTA Main Office during open hours for information and assistance. You can complete the Declaration of Minor form here (please type the information directly into the form).

*Minor students may also take courses to complete one of the RPTA Certificates. Certificate requirements may vary from the typical minor requirements. If you are interested in a certificate as part of your minor, please visit Dr. Shaw during his office hours. 

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