(Updated) Minor in Recreation Administration

Non-Profit Administration

The Minor in Recreation Administration is designed for non-RPTA majors interested in learning about career areas within the recreation, parks and tourism fields. Minor students may enroll in department certificates (see the links for the certificate programs) with advisor approval. The minor must be completed for the certificate to be awarded. 

The minor requires 21 units, all of which must be taken in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration. At least 12 units must be upper division, with at least 9 upper division units taken in residence.


The requirements for the Minor in Recreation Administration are being updated in the University Catalog to make the minor more flexible for students and better able to accommodate department certificate programs (although it is not required that a minor student complete a certificate). All students should follow the requirements below. 

A. Required Courses1,2,3 (3 units)

Select one course from the following:

  • RPTA 30. Recreation, Parks and Tourism in Contemporary Society
  • RPTA 100. Recreation and Leisure Lifestyle Development 
  • RPTA 122. Perspectives on Leisure 

B. Electives (18 units)

Select six courses from the following:

  • RPTA 32. Leadership and Group Development 
  • RPTA 33. Race, Class, Gender and Leisure 
  • RPTA 34. The Outdoor Recreation Experience 
  • RPTA 42. Recreational Use of Natural Resources 
  • RPTA 96A. Introduction to Recreation Law
  • RPTA 96B.4 Budgeting for Recreation Services
  • RPTA 96C.4 Cost Management for Hospitality
  • RPTA 96D. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
  • RPTA 105. Management in Recreation, Parks and Tourism
  • RPTA 106. Introduction to Inclusive Recreation and Recreation Therapy
  • RPTA 107. Grant Writing for Leisure Organizations
  • RPTA 128. Recreation Services for Diverse, Underserved and Underrepresented Populations
  • RPTA 129. Youth Development in Recreation, Parks and Tourism
  • RPTA 130. Community Sport Programming
  • RPTA 131. Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR): Military Recreation Services
  • RPTA 132. Campus Recreation
  • RPTA 136. Program and Event Planning in Recreation, Parks and Tourism
  • RPTA 137. Community Organization
  • RPTA 139. Conference and Meeting Planning
  • RPTA 148. Experiential Education in Outdoor Recreation Settings
  • RPTA 149. Developing and Programming Adventure Experiences
  • RPTA 150. Ecology of Resource Areas
  • RPTA 151. Visitor Management in Recreation Areas
  • RPTA 152. Law Enforcement for Forest and Park Rangers 
  • RPTA 153. Environmental Interpretation and Outdoor Education 
  • RPTA 154. Management of Recreation Facilities
  • RPTA 164. Leadership and Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations 
  • RPTA 165. Volunteer Management in Recreation, Parks and Tourism
  • RPTA 166. Administration in Recreation, Parks and Tourism 
  • RPTA 167. Professional Organization Leadership 
  • RPTA 182. Travel and Tourism 
  • RPTA 183. Marketing Recreation Services
  • RPTA 184. Hospitality Administration
  • RPTA 185. Advanced Seminar in Commercial Recreation Administration
  • RPTA 189. California Wine and Agritourism
  • RPTA 196E. Traumatology: Introduction to Posttraumatic Growth
  • RPTA 196H. Revenue Management in Hospitality

Students must complete the Certificate Verification Form to receive a copy of the certificate and to have the certificate appear on a Sac State transcript. All requirements for the minor must be complete before the certificate can be awarded. 


Only one of RPTA 30, RPTA 100 or RPTA 122 may be counted toward the minor.
Minor electives may not include RPTA 1, RPTA 21, RPTA 101, RPTA 102, RPTA 109, RPTA 110, RPTA 115, RPTA 116, RPTA 117, RPTA 118, RPTA 119, RPTA 195 series courses (B, C, D, or E), RPTA 198, or one unit courses (e.g. RPTA 50 or RPTA 188).
With minor advisor approval, up to 3 units of RPTA 199 may be applied to the minor.
Only one of 96B or 96C may be counted towards the major or minor.


To Declare the Minor:

Signing up for the minor is easy! If you are interested in declaring either of the RPTA minor programs, please visit the RPTA Main Office (SLN 4000) during open hours for information and assistance. You can complete the Declaration of Minor form (please type the information directly into the form).


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