Recreation and Park Management (RPM) Concentration


In 1955 Sacramento State graduated its first recreation management students for what would become the RPM Concentration in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration. This gives RPM a long and proud history in the Sacramento region. This concentration offers focuses areas to help students select courses that will best match their academic and career interests:

  • Community Recreation Management and Non-Profit Administration courses focus on skills needed for working with public recreation and park agencies at the city, county, regional, and state levels (e.g., city or county Department of Parks and Recreation), special districts (e.g., East Bay Regional Park District), selected populations (e.g., campus recreation or military recreation), and/or non-profit agencies (e.g., after-school programs, fundraising events, programs for seniors, summer camps, etc.). Students who take courses in this area are being trained for positions that involve planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating comprehensive recreation programs in public and nonprofit settings.
  • Natural Resource, Experiential Education, and Outdoor Recreation Management courses focus on skills needed for working with agencies that provide opportunities for outdoor recreation (e.g., the Forest Service), agencies that manage natural resources (e.g., the National Park Service), agencies that serve as outdoor recreation guides (e.g., Peak Adventures or Outdoor Adventures), and agencies that plan for and manage outdoor recreation experiences and resources (e.g., the California State Parks). Students who take courses in this area are being trained for positions as park rangers and managers, interpreters of natural and cultural history, managers of visitors to parks, and outdoor recreation planners.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management, Commercial Recreation, and Event Planning courses focus on the basics of entrepreneurial businesses, and the skills needed for working with for-profit, commercial recreation and experience industry agencies (e.g., resorts, hotels, conference and meeting facilities, cruise lines, event planners, destination marketing agencies, travel agencies). Students who take courses in this area are being trained for positions in enterprises which offer leisure services and/or products for a profit. Examples include clubs and spas, resorts, ski areas, theme parks, and the hospitality industry.

Recreation & Park

The RPTA Certificate Programs are great additions to your RPM Concentration degree. Focus your major electives to receive a certificates in your area of interest.

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