Recreation and Park Management Internship Information

Pre-Internship Requirements

This Concentration requires 600 hours of pre-internship volunteer hours. All pre-internship hours must be completed before a student can enroll in the internship course (RPTA 195). Students should consult with their faculty advisor if they have questions regarding pre-internship hours. Students may do either a 10-unit internship in one semester or a 4-unit and 6-unit internship spread over an academic year. Please discuss these options with your faculty advisor.

Internship (RPTA 195)

This Concentration requires a 400 hour (10-units of RPTA 195) internship as part of our national accreditation. Students are responsible for finding their own internship sites, and you should speak to your advisor to help you make an appropriate choice.

FINDING AN INTERNSHIP SITE IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY. However, when agencies contact the department looking for interns, the information is sent to students via their SacLink email.

Internship Forms

You may type directly on these forms. (If PDF doesn't open in current browser try a different one, or you may see a note above the PDF that says "open with different viewer." Click that and choose Adobe Acrobat.)

*Please note that due to faculty workloads, your internship advisor will most likely not be the same person as your academic advisor. Also note that during the internship, it may be necessary to change your internship advisor.