Graduate Course Outline and Registering for Graduate Courses

IMPORTANT: To register for graduate courses for RPTA program, students must use the special Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Form for the NorCal Grad Collaborative. This is extremely important; otherwise your financial aid will not cover the courses taught through SFSU and CSU Chico.

Other Considerations (please consult the graduate coordinator):

  • Conditional Grad Students (students who are accepted and do not have an undergraduate degree in RPTA) must complete 15 units in upper-division RPTA coursework.
    • RT Grad students may count their 5 RT core courses toward this requirement.
    • Up to 6 units of the undergraduate upper division (100-level) courses may be counted toward the 6 RPTA Graduate Electives.
    • Once these 15 RPTA undergraduate, upper division units are completed, a OGS Classification Form must be submitted to move from Conditional to Unconditional Status. Note: THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED TO ADVANCE TO CANDIDACY.
  • Non-Conditional Grad Students (students who have an undergraduate degree in RPTA)
    • These students may take up to 6 units of upper division RPTA coursework and count them toward 6 RPTA Graduate Electives.
  • All RPTA grad students may take graduate level courses (200-level) offered in other departments at Sacramento State that complement their Master's study.
    • Upon approval, these courses may be counted as RPTA Graduate Electives.
    • See the graduate advisor to receive approval before signing up for courses outside the department.
  • Part-time students may limit the number of courses taken per semester.
  • Independent Studies in RPTA Graduate Work:
    • RPTA graduate students may only count up to 6 units of 295 or 299 work toward the RPTA Graduate Electives.
  • For the Culminating Experience, students can choose from a Thesis (500A), Project (500B), or Comprehensive Examination (500C).

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration (RPTA) Master's Degree Forms

Inter-Campus Enrollment (ICE) Form

Complete this form every semester when taking classes at Chico State or SFSU. See email for deadlines.

The following are sample ICE forms. This is to provide an idea of how they should be filled out, but please note to list the correct semester, campuses, and courses on your form as they may differ from the samples provided.

Independent Study Forms

Use the appropriate form for independent study. Students must have approval from the Grad Coordinator to take an independent study course, and these forms must be submitted to the department. Students cannot enroll themselves into independent study.

Advancement to Candidacy

This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. See the Graduate Studies website for deadlines.

Application for Graduation

This form must be completed and taken to the Bursar's Office to pay the graduation fee. Upon paying the fee, this form must then be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.

RPTA Graduate Culminating Experience Forms

After the Advancement to Candidacy has been approved by the Office of Graduate Studies, and the student is preparing for their final semester, the student must fill out the appropriate form below and submit it to the RPTA office. Students cannot register themselves for RPTA 500.