Recreation Therapy Internship Information

Pre-Internship Requirements

This Concentration requires 600 pre-internship volunteer hours, at least 300 hours of which must be working with persons with disabilities. All coursework, including non-RPTA coursework, must be completed before enrolling in the internship course, RPTA 195D. Students may not take other courses during their internship.

Internship (RPTA 195D)

This Concentration requires a 560 hour internship for national certification or a 600 hour internship for state certification (you should speak to your advisor regarding your choice of internship). Students in Recreation Therapy must carefully choose their internship sites with their advisor's advice in order to meet certification requirements. Opportunities exist to work with children, the elderly or other special populations without access to traditional recreation outlets. (Please be advised that for national certification through NCTRC, you need to ensure that your supervisor is a CTRS. Use the following link to check the status of your proposed intern supervisor:

FINDING AN INTERNSHIP SITE IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY. However, students must intern with an agency with which Sac State has a contract. For a detailed list of agencies contracted with Sac State, click here.

If you find an agency that is not currently listed on our spreadsheet,* please send the following information for the agency to Geraldine at

  • Name and title of person legally authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the facility
  • Phone number and email address of the above
  • Full name and address of the facility
  • When this information is received, it will be sent to the university's contract officer, and she will get in contact with the agency contact to negotiate details of the contract.

*Please note that submitting this information does not guarantee the university and/or the agency will agree to a contract. Allow up to six months for a contract to be processed.

Internship Forms

You may type directly on these forms: (If the PDF doesn't open in current browser try a different one, or you may see a note above the PDF that says "open with different viewer". Click that and choose Adobe Acrobat.)

*Please note that due to faculty workloads, your internship advisor will most likely not be the same person as your academic advisor. Also note that during the internship, it may be necessary to change your internship advisor.