Bachelor of Social Work Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can someone enroll as a Social Work Major?

A. The program (with the exception of SWRK 95) begins your junior year upon the completion of the majority of the University required lower division G.E. courses. These entail a minimum of 60 units that are divided into five G.E. areas of focus. The University requirement for minimum units to graduate is 120. Depending on how many lower division G.E. courses you have taken, determines whether you will have to take upper division G.E. courses from the major. An example is someone who has completed the minimum of 60 units of lower division G.E. and then completes the major with 48 units (60+48=108) which is 12 units short of graduation.

As of Fall 2008, you will need to take SWRK 95 prior to your junior year. All transfer students will be required to take SWRK 95 as a pre-requisite for 140A. SWRK 95 takes the place of the social science option. Social Work students will no longer be required to take an Ethnic studies or Women Studies course.

Q. How many total units is the major?

A. 48 total units; of which 36 are classroom and 12 are given for the senior year internship.

What should I enroll in my first semester?

As you can tell several of these courses are sequenced and only offered during certain semesters. SWRK 102, 110 & 150 are offered each semester, 125A is offered in Fall, 125B is offered in Spring and 140A is offered only in the Spring semester. Students should also plan on taking the W.P.E. early during their junior year in case they need to take the exam more than once or need to enroll in English 109 as a result of not passing twice.

Most frequently taken courses in Fall are: SWRK 102, 125A & 150 most students then add a SWRK elective to this schedule. This leaves SWRK 110, 125B & 140A for the spring.  You may add a SWRK elective to this schedule. For a full time student who plans on finishing the requirements in four semesters it is important that all six prerequisite courses are completed during the junior year, students who do not complete SWRK 102, 110, 125A, 125B, 140, and 150 with a minimum of “C” grade and pass the W.P.E., will not be able to move into field their senior year.

Q. How are advisors assigned?

A. All incoming students need to fill out a Social Work BSW information sheet form from which the division creates a file where all future academic documents are kept. The information sheet may be obtained from the director of the undergraduate program or from the Social Work office. Once this is completed, students are assigned a faculty advisor. Names of assigned faculty advisors are posted by the student’s last name on the Social Work Undergraduate bulletin board on the 4th floor of Mariposa Hall. If it is not possible to meet with the assigned advisor, a student may opt to come into the Social Work advising center or to see the undergraduate director.

Q. How often do I need to meet with an advisor?

A. It is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor once a semester. The junior year is the most critical.

Q. Who can I go to for advising if I do not know who my advisor is or I am not on campus during their office hours?

A. The social work division will have faculty available in the advising center ready to meet with drop in students, or students can make an appointment to meet with the division’s undergraduate director. Please check in at the division’s office to find out where to find appropriate academic advising.

Q. Who do I talk with about transferring units from another University?

A. The undergraduate director makes the determination as to which courses may substitute for required foundation courses at Sacramento State.

Q. Do I need a minor in order to graduate?

A. No. Most students graduate without one. Those who want more focus in an area of study may opt to take a minor. Most Minors are 20-21 units and represent additional 6 to 7 courses. Those most often taken with the Social Work Major are: Gerontology, Psychology, Child Development, Criminal Justice or Sociology.

Q. What is field internship?

A. During the senior year social work students are required to spend 16 hours a week (both Fall & Spring semesters) working at a community agency for over 500 hours total. Social Work is not only seen as an academic degree but also one that involves professional development and the internship experience is seen as a very important part of that development. It should be noted that the division only places students in the fall term each year.

Q. How will I find an internship site?

A. We have a coordinator of field who helps to set up the internship experience for students and assigns where students will be sent for interviews. Additionally the SWRK 140A course prepares students as to all the potential internships sites and also helps with field related paperwork. The division also sponsors mandatory field convocations early spring semester for all students preparing to enter field the following fall.

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