Records Searches

Confidential Records Searches

NCIC fulfills confidential records search requests for authorized users of the CHRIS.

Requests must be submitted on a CHRIS Data Request Form, which can be submitted as a hard copy or emailed to NCIC as a PDF attachment. Requests must include a map of the search area superimposed on a 7.5' series USGS topographic map—or as an alternative requests can include a GIS shapefile of the search area (GIS shapefiles are NCIC's preferred method, but not required). 

Non-Confidential Records Searches

NCIC also provides non-confidential records searches, also called "sensitivity letters," to members of the public. These searches often correspond with local government permit applications, which may ask for a "cultural resources report," "archaeological report," or "NCIC records check."

To submit a non-confidential records search request, email NCIC locational information (map, APN, and/or address) that corresponds with your property in question, and include your full contact information, including mailing address. NCIC will reply with an attached two-page sensitivity letter and a one-page invoice, both in PDF format. Non-confidential records searches involve a one-hour staff fee of $150. To view a copy of the State of California CHRIS fee structure, click here.

Please note: sensitvity letters indicate the sensitivity (or potential sensitivity) of your property for historic and archaeological resources in general terms. They are used by permitting agencies as a tool for collecting information about properties before issuing permits. NCIC sensitivity letters have no legal authority. Decision-making authority rests with the permitting agency, not NCIC. Permit applicants are encouraged to supplement NCIC's sensitivity letter with additional information about their properties to ensure permitting agencies make the most informed decision possible.