CHRIS Access

Obtaining access to the CHRIS involves two steps:

1) Establish an Access and Use Agreement between your organization and the CHRIS.

2) Designate authorized users.

To establish an agreement between the CHRIS and your organization, download and fill out an Access and Use Agreement contract (see instructions below). Submit it to any of the nine CHRIS information centers; the IC coordinator who receives the contract will sign it on behalf of the CHRIS and assign it a number.

Next, designate authorized users. Authorized users are individuals who make CHRIS data requests and who receive confidential CHRIS information under the terms of their organziation's agreement. Each authorized user must download, prepare, sign, and submit an Authorized User Form and a Statement of Qualifications; they must also submit a resume or curriculum vitae in .pdf format. NOTE: authorized users must meet either the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards or the California State Personnel Board Specification for State Historian II or Associate State Archeologist

Before submitting your CHRIS paperwork, please review the instructions:

Instructions: Access and Use Agreement contract

Download the contract here.

Page 1

Agreement Number: Leave this blank. The IC coordinator who receives the agreement will assign it a number.

Issued To ("recipient"): Enter the name of the entity (typically an organization such as a firm or an agency) that is entering into an agreement with the CHRIS. A good rule of thumb is that the recipient should be the same entity that possesses the checking account that will pay for records search fees incurred under the agreement.

Region/Office: Does the organization have one location? Then enter "home" or "headquarters." If the organization possesses many offices, enter which one you work in, i.e. "Sacramento office," or "Central Valley region." 

Address/Phone/Fax/E-Mail: Enter the contact information for the office listed above.

Issued By/Date Issued/Expiration Date: Leave these blank.

Page 11

Printed Name of Recipient: Enter the name of the entity that is entering into an agreement with the CHRIS.

Signature/Date of Responsible Individual: Typically this refers to an office manager, a cultural resources manager, the president of a company, or some other individual who will shoulder responsibility for ensuring that the recipient adheres to the terms of the agreement.

IC (on behalf of SHPO): Leave this section blank. 

Instructions: Authorized User Form

Download the form here.

Access and Use Agreement No: The authorized user will be making CHRIS data requests under the terms of an existing Access and Use Agreement. Enter the number of that agreement.

Held By: Enter the name of the entity that holds the agreement under which the authorized user is gaining access.

Access and Use Agreement No: Same as above. Enter the agreement number.

Print Name/Data/Signature/Title/Company Name: Enter the name/title of the authorized user. Don't forget to sign and date your form.

Instructions: Statement of Qualifications

Download the form here.

Fill out your contact information, check your applicable qualifications standards, and sign and date. Also submit a resume or curriculum vitae that substantiates your qualifications.