Application Deadlines

The History Department admits new graduate students on a biannual basis. Application submitted in the Fall for the following Spring are due September 15. Applications submitted in the Spring for the following Fall are due February 15.

Admissions to the Standard M.A. in History program occurs online. After applying online through CSU Mentor, students will receive an email in their new SacLink email account instructing them how to submit all supplemental documents. For the History Department, the supplemental documents that should be uploaded electronically are explained in detail below and include transcripts, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, and letters of recommendation (submitted directly by references).  Applicants should check the Student Center to-do list regularly to ensure their applications are complete. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. 

I am Ready to

Admissions Requirements

Admission as a classified graduate student in the Standard M.A. in History program requires:

  • a baccalaureate degree; and
  • an undergraduate major in History or a minimum of twenty-seven (27) semester units in History or a closely related field, approved by the Graduate Coordinator. Fifteen (15) of the units must be upper-division and include at least one seminar from the HIST 192 series (or equivalent) and one seminar from the HIST 197 series (or equivalent); and
  • a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last sixty (60) units attempted and a minimum 3.25 GPA in History courses.

The Graduate Readiness Exam (GRE) is not required for admission to any of the History graduate programs.

A foreign language is not a degree requirement; however, all students who plan to pursue further graduate study in history are encouraged to work on foreign language skills, since proficiency in two foreign languages is usually required in doctoral programs.

Applications and Supporting Documents

Students wishing to apply to any of the History M.A. programs must include the following in their application:

  • one copy of all transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended by the applicant; and
  • two formal letters of recommendation that attest to their qualifications and ability to complete a professional degree program in History. These letters should ideally come from university instructors, but if these are not available, another credible individual who can address an applicant's qualifications will be acceptable; and
  • one well-written, clear, and complete statement of purpose that attests to one's qualifications and the ability to complete a professional degree program in History. This statement should include an applicant's reasons for applying to the Master's program, career objectives, and an explanation of how the program will help the applicant achieve them. It should also include relevant professional training, experience, internships, or volunteer activities, and any non-academic skills, interests, and notable accomplishments that may be pertinent to the pursuit of a graduate degree in History. While there is no page limit on this statement, the department encourages statements of approximately 500 words; and
  • one academic writing sample. Our strong preference is for a history research paper that integrates primary and secondary source evidence. Please select a sample of seven (7) to twenty (20) pages. You may provide a larger sample.

Note for Applicants from Foreign Countries

Students with foreign documents need to submit all documentation at least one month prior to the posted deadline. Transcripts from foreign institutions must be sent directly from the institution to the Graduate Office. California State University, Sacramento encourages foreign students to ahve their transcripts evaluated by World Education Services, which will speed up the process considerably.