Student and Professional Organizations

Phi Alpha Theta - Rho Xi Chapter

Phi Alpha Theta provides outstanding history students with an opportunity to take part in various society sponsored activities related to the field of history. Phi Alpha Theta members are given the chance to discuss historical issues with their peers, participate in a variety of research opportunities, and aid in the publication proces of the History Department's annual journal, Clio.

Clio History Journal

Clio is an award-winning, student run history journal published by the History Department in association with the Rho Xi Chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society. The journal provides a forum for highting the outstanding academic work and diversity of Sacramento State students while providing its editorial staff--consisting entirely of students--with an opportunity for professional development and exposure to the world of editing and publishing. Articles in Clio come exclusively from current and recently-graduated students and serve not only to highlight the excellent scholarship of Sacramento State students, but also to encourage such work in incoming students by providing them with examples and resources. For more details, click here.

Society of California Archivists

The Society of California Arhivists, formed in 1971, is a professional association devoted to the support and development of individuals and institutions that collect, care for, and provide access to the documentary heritage of California and adjoining areas.

SCA's membership includes archivists, manuscript curators, records managers, conservators, historians, librarians, genealogists, museum curators, students, and volunteers. Members are affiliated with colleges and universities; federal, state, and local government archives and records centers; historical societies; museums; libraries; corporations; educational, religious and medical institutions; and private collections.

Capital Campus History Resources Institute

The Capital Campus History Resources Institute conducts research projects under contract with government and private agencies, seeks grants in history-related fields, provides undergraduate and graduate students with practical public history project experience, assists in summer and post-graduate job placement in public history, and maintains liaison with regional and national public history organizations.

California Council for History Education

CCHE is a statewide membership organization devoted to the promotion of history education in California. Governed independently, we are allied with the National Council for History Education (NCHE). CCHE was established in 2005 at CSU Chico by Dr. Dale Steiner (current NCHE Chair) to advance the study and teaching of history in schools throughout California. CCHE's mission is to:

  • Provide a program of professional activities for history educators
  • Promote professional interaction among K-16 history educators
  • Facilitate collaboration between historical and cultural organizations and institutions (e.g. museums, archives, libraries, state parks) and history educators.

North Central Information Center

The North Central information Center (NCIC) of the Historical Resources Information System is one of twelve Information Centers affiliated with the State of California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) in Sacramento. these Information Centers are non-profit organizations located at various universities and museums throughout the state of California. Each center serves a specific geographic area within the state. The NCIC service area includes six Central Valley and Sierra Foothill counties, from Yuba in the North to Nevada in the South. This area comprises over 1 million acres of El Dorado and Tahoe national Forest and has a population of approximately two million people.

Capital Campus Oral History Program

The Capital Campus Oral History Program is housed at the Department of History and is affiliated with both the Capital Campus Public History Program and the Center for California Studies.

The Oral History Program is one of five programs in California that participates in the California State Government Oral History Program (SGOHP). In addition to SGOHP interviews, other recent projects conducted by the CSUS program and/or its principal oral historians include an Oral History of CalPERS, oral history of the Dixon Public Library, oral history of Beale Air Force Base for the Army Corps of Engineers, oral history of the Sacramento Greek-American community, and an oral history of Locke, California.