George Bramson Award for Historic Preservation


An award to honor achievement in the field of historic preservation in Northern California by CSUS students.  George Bramson was a noted historic preservation activist in Sacramento.

Students are invited to submit projects for the award.  The projects should have been completed as part of a program of study while enrolled at CSUS.  Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A project for an official nomination for the national, state or local historical register.
  • A paper or thesis tracing the history of a single historic structure or site.
  • A paper or thesis examining the historic context of a group, class or district of historic structures.
  • A project for an official proposal for an historic marker (state or federal).
  • A paper or thesis examining some aspect of historic preservation law or policy.
  • A mural or other work of art depicting a local historical event or group to be exhibited in a public space.
  • An exhibit exploring issues or events relevant to historic preservation.
  • A construction project in historic preservation.

 Projects shall be ranked by the following criteria:

  • Creativity or innovation.
  • Ability to influence a wide and diverse audience.
  • Proximity of project to Sacramento.
  • Level of completion of project.
  • Writing quality.
  • Use of appropriate descriptive language.

First prize will be an award of up to $1000.  Additional prizes of $100 may be awarded to every entry judged ‘meritorious’ by the Selection Committee.

Students in History, Art or related disciplines, at the Junior, Senior or Graduate student level, are invited to apply.

Submit electronic entries (pdfs) with this application to Dr. Simpson at by April 13, 2018.