Grading and adjunct positions


All History graduate students and advanced undergraduate History majors who are making satisfactory progress toward their degree may apply for a paid position as graders to assist with high-enrollment, lower-division surveys and upper-division lecture courses (most typically Hist 17A, Hist 17B, Hist 4, Hist 5, Hist 6, Hist 7, Hist 50, Hist 51, Hist 111, Hist 112, Hist 162, Hist 167, Hist 177, Hist 182, or Hist 183B).  The History Department puts out a call for grader applications around the middle of the preceding semester via HGRAD-L and CAMPEE-L.  To apply, please fill out the Department Application,  GA application, and ISA application and turn in all three to Stacie Tillman in the department office (TAH 3080) by the announced deadline.

For information about qualifications to be a grader, please refer to the official eligibility requirements.

The Department Chair, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies, will review applications and make appointments.  Both students and faculty members may submit requests for assignment to a specific course, though please note that these requests cannot always be honored.  Depending on the enrollment for the class to which they are assigned, graders will be classified as either Graduate Assistants (GAs) or Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs). Students who have never held paid positions at Sacramento State before this one will also need to submit the necessary paperwork to Payroll.

Graders will be notified of their assignment via email.

ISAs are responsible for submitting monthly ISA time sheets to Stacie Tillman. GAs are paid a lump sum each month. If you are not sure whether you are an ISA or GA, please refer to your appointment letter or contact Stacie Tillman.

For both positions, both students and the faculty for whom they are grading are responsible for assuring that graders do not work more than the allotted hours for the position. It is recommended that graders use the Monthly Hours Update Worksheet to help keep track of their hours as the semester progresses.

PARC Supplemental Instruction (SI) adjuncts

The History Department also hires a small number of students (generally two to four) to serve as Supplemental Instruction leaders for pre-determined History GE survey courses (most typically Hist 17A, Hist 17B, Hist 4, Hist 5, Hist 6, Hist 7, Hist 50, or Hist 51).  SI leaders plan and lead bi-weekly Adjunct sections, which are designed to review course material; to teach study skills, problem solving, critical reading and analysis, and academic writing; and to provide a learning community for group study and mutual support. The SI Program is an excellent source of teaching experience for students planning a career in college education. All History M.A. students qualify to apply to be a History SI leader.  Preference is given to those students who have completed Hist 400. For more information on the SI program, and for the specifics of how to apply, please consult the handout Parc Supplemental Instruction (SI) Adjuncts for the Department of History.