The General Education Honors Program at California State University, Sacramento offers qualified and highly motivated students an opportunity to have a challenging, innovative, and stimulating learning experience. Through small class sizes (around 25 students), students experience classroom settings which promote discussion, integrative learning and a global perspective. The Honors Program is open to incoming freshman; we do not accept transfer students.

The Honors Program is composed of 45 units of Honors courses (36 lower division and 9 upper division). Honors students take at least 12 units per semester. During their freshman and sophomore years, Honors students will take three Honors courses per semester and the remaining course(s) can be filled with other courses required in their major or pre-major. Three upper division courses taken during their junior and senior year conclude the Honors experience. Completion of all Honors courses will fulfill all Sacramento State General Education requirements for graduation with the exception of the lab science and freshman composition.

The core of the lower division curriculum is a three-semester Honors seminar in which students read some of the great books of world civilizations, analyze the writings of world thinkers and writers, and improve their skills in critical thinking and writing. The three upper division Honors courses are organized around the theme of learning and acting for the public good.

Honors students at Sacramento State experience individualized attention from dedicated professors, special seminars in their academic programs, extracurricular activities in the form of cultural events, various Honors Colloquia and interaction with faculty members and their fellow Honors students in and out of class. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad through either short term programs developed specifically for the Honors Program, or semester or year long programs created for Sacramento State, and the CSU. They are also encouraged to complete an internship and an undergraduate research experience. A variety of scholarships are available to support study abroad and other academic pursuits. 

Sac State Honors students have access to a lounge, where they can relax and study, and to the program's central administrative office.

If you are a student with high educational goals and an interest in courses that appeal to the imagination and the intellect, the Sacramento State General Education Honors Program may be for you.

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Honors 1 students at Crocker Art Museum class trip

Pictured: Students enrolled in Honors 1 visit the Crocker Art Museum

For further information, please contact:

Sac State Honors Program Office

Tel: (916) 278-2804                                                                                                                                                                                            

Email: honors@csus.edu 

Dr. Lee Simpson - Director, Honors Program

Rebecca Woolston - ASC I, Honors, First Year Experience, One World, and One Book Programs