Admissions Information

Applications for Fall 2019 are now closed.


Please note the application has been CLOSED as of

February 1, 2019 at 11:59 pm


Thank you for your interest in our program! Due to receiving a large applicant pool, we are we can no longer accept applications for the waiting list at this time.  


To be eligible for admission to the Sac State Honors Program, students must fall into ONE of the following categories:

You are an entering first year student with a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.5 or above.


You are an entering first year student with a total New SAT score (March 2018) of 1270 (Math & EBRW) or above OR a total SAT score (prior to March 2018) of 1800 or above.

You are an entering first year student with a total ACT score of 27 or above.


Option to Appeal

You are an entering first year student, who, despite not meeting the above criteria, thinks you deserve admission to the program because of your exceptional ability and commitment demonstrated in areas other than traditional academic achievement. You should make the special admissions request to the Honors Director.


AP Credit

Many of our applications come with AP credit and/or IB courses. While the program and our admissions committee appreciates the work this requires of students, we also want to strongly encourage students who have NO AP or IB experience to apply to our program. Our committee has various concerns related to students taking AP courses, some of which can be read about here  and here. Some of our best students did not have this form of college prep. Rather than discourage students who fall into this category from considering us, we ask you to apply.  



  1. To be eligible to submit an application to the Sac State Honors Program, you must first submit a complete application for admission to Sacramento State University. If you haven't already completed the Sacramento State University Application for Undergraduate Admission, the online admission form is available at
  2. Then, complete the Sac State Honors application. The Sac State Honors application is a supplemental application to the Sac State University application. To complete your application, click APPLY HERE.

If you do not meet the minimal academic criteria, and would still like to be considered for admission to the Sac State Honors Program, complete the application as indicated above, and address a letter to the Honors Director explaining why you believe you should be admitted.



  • For the writing sample, please submit a TYPED, double-spaced essay that you feel is the best representation of your strongest writing skills. Please keep in mind that your essay should display critical thinking, in text citations, and analysis


  • When you are submitting your documents please title each document as Lastname_Firstname_title of document. For example, when submitting your transcript, you document should be titled: Woolston_Rebecca_transcript.pdf


  • Please submit your essay as a pdf or a Microsoft Word document. Submit your high school or college transcript as a jpg or a png file.




October 1 - November 30

Sac State University application submission period for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Oct 1 - When At Full Capacity

Sac State Honors Application submission period for AY 2019-2020. Check SACLINK for communication from

December 15

 Deadline to submit university application fee or university application fee waiver


Early Admits to Sacramento State are notified

January 19

Deadline to submit SAT or ACT test scores to Sacramento State Admissions Office (use SAT code 4671 or ACT code 0382)

February 1

Honors Program Application closes at 11:59 pm


Students admitted into the Honors Program for the Fall term, please submit your Intent to Enroll (ITE) statement to the Honors Program office at

March 1

Check MY SAC STATE for the University Admissions Decision


New Student Orientation Reservations begin

May 1

Confirm your Intent to Enroll (ITE) with Sac State Admissions

Late June/Early July

New Student Orientation is to be determined. First Year Honors students will register for their classes during New Student Orientation



I Have Applied To Sacramento State

I Have Been Admitted To Sacramento State

Sac State Honors Application

For any questions regarding the application process, please call the Honors Program Office at 916-278-2804 or forward your questions to