Global Education and Leadership

Initiated in 2006, the GE Honors Program has grown into a well-defined and sought after program within the CSUS general education curriculum. Many students are asking for additional Honors courses and many students are looking for interdisciplinary courses of study that do not currently fit in our traditional departmental major offerings. For students who come into the university as undeclared, the major provides an opportunity to explore multiple areas of study and still stay on track for four-year graduation. Creation of a major also offers the potential to admit both additional native students as well as high achieving transfer students to the Honors Program.


The major builds upon all of the existing core courses in the Honors program (Honors 1, 2, 3 and Honors 101,102,103) along with existing courses in the university catalog. It is dedicated to interdisciplinary inquiry and weds general education with a major. With its emphasis on real world problem solving, the major provides the ideal avenue for students to hone their intellectual skills and apply their education beyond the classroom.


The coursework invites students to explore ideas beyond the boundaries of traditional majors and to engage in a scholarly conversation with the broad university community. Students who complete the major should truly be life-long learners who view themselves as global citizens

Special Features: 

By the time students enter their junior year, they need to have identified a problem they wish to explore and solve as part of their Honors thesis requirement. This requires careful advising and mentoring on the part of Honors faculty. Using emerging data analysis software and methodologies from the humanities and social sciences, students should be able to offer concrete solutions to complex problems by the time they graduate.

Upper Division Required Courses (21 units):


            Honors 101 – Science and the Public Good
Honors 102 – Art and the Public Good
Honors 103 – Service Learning Capstone
Honors 120 – One World Seminar
            Honors 150 – Leadership Seminar
Honors 195 – Internship
Honors 196 – Senior Thesis


In addition to these courses, students will need to select courses from the following areas:

 A. Research Methods (3 units)
B. Cultural Literacy (6 units)
C. Public Policy (6 Units)
D. Global Engagement (6 Units)
E. Ethics (3 Units)
F. Pursuing the Public Good (3 Units)
 Students must be admitted to the GE Honors Program and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
Students must participate in a credit-bearing study abroad experience
Students must produce an Honors Thesis, creative project, or portfolio presented in a public forum during the student's senior year


If you are a student with high educational goals and an interest in courses that discuss the interconnectedness of our world and how to impact our communities, the special Major or Minor in Global Engagement and Leadership may be for you.

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Dr. Lee Simpson - Director, Honors Program

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