Honors Advising

The Honors Program provides mandatory advising to its students throughout their time in the program.

Honors Students can find their assigned Honors Faculty Advisor by logging on to MySacState and looking under the Advisor section of the Student Center.

All students should be enrolled in 15 units per semester to graduate in four years. English and Math courses NEED to be completed within the First Year.

*AP Credit counts towards your 120 total unit goal, even if they do not meet GE Program course requirements..

Honors Program Sequence


Please view the Honors Program Requirements page here for the sequence of courses. 

Honors Program Forms

General Education Honors Program Advising Guide

Honors General Education and Graduation Requirements Advising Worksheet

General Education Honors Program Exceptions FAQ

General Education Honors Program Exceptions Form

General Education Honors Program in CSUS Catalog

Add/Drop/Withdraw From Courses

Other Forms

Student Registration Guide

Individual Registration Holds (On My Sac State)

GE Requirements in CSUS Catalog

Declaration of Major

Unit Cap


Registrar Forms


*Dates are subject to change without notice. Keep up-to-date by checking the Academic Calendar.

October 14-November 7

Honors students seek advising from Honors Faculty advisors

November 27-December 19

Registration for all continuing students open

December 20-January 9

Registration unavailable for Spring 2018


Spring 2019 Honors Scholarship award disbursed

January 10-18

Registration and schedule adjustment for Spring 2019 resumes for all students

January 22

First day of Spring 2019 instruction

February 4-15

Schedule adjustments completed by petition at departments

February 18

Census Date


Priority filling date for FAFSA (first week in March)

March 18-22

Spring Break

March 14-April 14

Students meet with Honors Faculty advisors

April 29- May 17

Fall 2019 registration opens


Extra Support


We recognize that students may feel like they are in over their head, have a feeling of not belonging, or question their place in the Honors Program. Many of our students have experienced this feeling (and even our staff members!). It is more common than you think. If you find yourself feeling this way, or feeling like you are struggling with your work load here are some tips, guidelines, and check-ins you can do to prove to yourself you belong (because you do!):

  1. Send an immediate email to faculty (and cc Dr. Simpson so she knows) whenever an issue (technological, personal, unexpected, etc.) arises. 
  2. Ask questions in class and engage in conversation, even when you think you don't have something good to say (because you do!).
  3. Remain attentive in class. 
  4. Go to the Writing Center (Calaveras Hall) or attend Honors Writing Workshops (Fridays 1-3pm in the lounge) before assignments are due. Multiple visits if necessary. 
  5. Spend 2-3 hours outside of class studying for each class. Take reading notes for each class. If you're unsure how to take reading notes or what this looks like, come to the Honors Writing Workshops and we can help you! 
  6. Show reading notes and class notes to Dr. Simpson or your instructor weekly, if needed. 
  7. Provide Dr. Simpson or other instructor with weekly reflections of your learning. If you don't know what this means, come to the Honors Writing Workshop and we can show you. 
  8. If your schedule restricts you reaching out at any of these scheduled workshops, let us know. We can make it work!

**It's okay that you don't know these things! That's why you're in college and what we are here for.