Study Abroad

Preparing students for careers in the 21st century requires global literacy. The Honors Program highly encourages students to study abroad for a semester or a year, and requires a credit bearing study abroad experience to complete the special major or minor in Global Engagement and Leadership. Study abroad is a surprisingly affordable option through the Sacramento State International Exchange Program. Students only pay CSUS fees to study at partner universities and financial aid applies. The only additional costs will be housing and travel, some of which can be offset by the RCA Study Abroad Scholarship through the Honors Program.

We are very aware of the many obstacles to long-term study abroad for our student body and we have therefore expanded our opportunities to include short-term summer study abroad with programs in Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Rome, and a winter trip to Paris. For more information about study abroad options visit the Office of International Programs and Global Engagement

 students in paris hospital

Students visiting a Paris hospital, Winter 2018


Students in Costa Rica

Students at the University of Costa Rica


Honors students have studied at the following universities:


 Goteborg University, Sweden                            Dublin City University, Ireland

University of Costa Rica                                    University of Technology, Australia

Chinese University of Hong Kong                      University of Taiwan, China

Middlesex University, England                           Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Concordia University, Canada                           Western University, Canada

Oxford Brookes University, England                  University Aix-Marseille, France

Swansea University, Wales                               National Taiwan University, China

University of Belgrano, Argentina                      Kingston University, England

Leeds Metropolitan University, England


Honors Course Credit

Students who study abroad do not need to worry about completing their upper division Honors sequence. Students who travel to Rome with Dr. Brodd will receive credit for HONR 102 (students will still need to complete a writing intensive [WI] course in their major to meet CSUS graduation requirements). Students who study abroad for a semester or year, or who travel to Paris with Dr. Arnaud, will be eligible to complete HONR 103 through a special online course.


To be eligible for this option:

 1)       Students must consult with Dr. Simpson and Dr. Arnaud to get approval for Honors 103- Study Abroad before departure. Contact us as soon as you are accepted in a CSU/Sac State study abroad program.

 2)       Students must complete an online Honors 103 course, which starts BEFORE departure and ENDS upon returning to Sac State.  Dr. Arnaud will provide an orientation.  Students must submit all required liability and risk management forms, complete 20 hours of service, and submit a time log to Dr. Arnaud with detailed information about the community-based organization (CBO), including signature of CBO representative, for service performed abroad. 

 3)       Students will formally register for Honors 103-Study Abroad upon their return to Sac State. (For example, if you study abroad for the academic year 2017-2018, you will register for Honors 103 in Fall 2018, but NOT attend class because you should have completed all online coursework and course requirements by the start of Fall semester 2018). 


Student Perspective

My name is Tiare Summerhays and I studied abroad in South Korea for the academic school year of 2016-2017. I took political science courses in English and Korean language courses at Yonsei University in Seoul. My experience in Korea was the best experience of my life so far, and I highly recommend others to travel abroad to your country of interest! Being in a country with a completely different language and culture makes life a little bit challenging, but always interesting. Living abroad can help you learn more about yourself and your native country, develop practical life and language skills, gain independence, and open future opportunities for work and life after college. Included is a picture of me at the top of a mountain with a Seoul view, pictures of buddhist temples, a picture showing the dense, urban neighborhood where I lived, and a picture of the abundant Korean street food. 

 summerhaystiare1.jpg summerhaystiare2.jpg 

summerhaystiare3.jpg summerhaystiare4.jpg