Decorations - Seasonal, Holiday, Religious

Housing Main  -  List of Policies

Christmas Trees. Only ARTIFICIAL holiday trees are approved for residence hall use. The use of electric decorative holiday lights is restricted to “miniature Italian lights” that are either “U.L” (Underwriter’s Laboratory) or “F.M.” (Factual Mutual) approved.

Candles: Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. Candles are not permitted in residence halls due to fire hazard (see “Candles/Incense”). Residents may observe the traditions associated with these celebrations by using electric candles, or by making arrangements with their Residence Life Coordinator to use candles in a designated location, at an approved time, as part of an appropriate holiday observance.

Other Holidays and/or religious ceremonies. Residents are encouraged to observe holidays that are meaningful to them provided the associated practices or ceremonies do not violate established policies or create a safety concern for other residents and property.