Decorations Policy

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Residents must adhere to the following decorating guidelines at all times, for both their own rooms and common areas:

  • Utilize 3M command adhesive brand products, at your own risk, when hanging any items (such products are removable and may not damage walls).  Please follow instructions when using these products.
  • Before checking out, residents should contact their RA for instructions on how to safely remove  3M command adhesive brand products.   Damage charges may apply.
  • Do not add attachments of any type to residence hall light fixtures, including paint, tissue paper, crepe paper, tinfoil, or any other material.
  • Do not suspend, attach, or drape any materials from the ceiling, whether flammable or nonflammable.
  • Do not hinder the use of, or restrict access to, hallways, doorways, stairs, corridors, or fire related equipment when placing any form of decorations.
  • Do not draw, paint, write, or otherwise mark on any residence hall wall.
  • Do not hang any form of decoration on the outside of suite and room doors. Only RAs may hang door decorations (name tags) on residents’ doors to assist in community building.
  • “Gift wrapping” doors (suite and room doors) is strictly prohibited.

Residents seeking temporary exemptions to this policy (birthday, anniversary, special occasions, community building, etc.) may request temporary exemption from their Residence Life Coordinator.