Electrical Appliances

Housing Main  -  List of Policies

Any appliance with an exposed heating element or which gives off intense heat is prohibited. If residents have questions regarding whether an appliance is acceptable or not, he or she should ask hall staff. The following specific restrictions to appliance use in the residence halls apply: 

• All appliances with open heating coils are prohibited in all residence halls. 

– This includes, but is not limited to: hot plates, hot oil fryers, rice cookers, popcorn makers, personal space heaters, sun lamps, or other appliances with open heating coils.

– Halogen lamps are prohibited in the residence halls.

– Black lights are prohibited in University fixtures. 

• Only compact fluorescent bulbs may be used in residence hall lighting fixtures. 

• Acceptable appliances in kitchens are limited to: 

– “George Foreman” style electric grills , toasters, toaster oven/crock pots with automatic shut off feature, rice cookers and air poppers 

• Acceptable appliances in rooms are limited to: 

– Fully enclosed coffee makers, electric kettles and blenders 

• Refrigerators are permitted (one per room), provided they do not exceed 4.5 cubic feet or draw more than 1.5 running amps. 

• Microwaves are permitted under 700 watts (only one per room). 

• All electrical appliances must be UL Approved. 

• Only UL Approved, 15 amp, surge-protected power strips with built-in fuses may be used to extend appliance cords to electrical outlets, or to plug in multiple devices to one outlet. Extension Cords are prohibited. 

• UL Approved power strips may not be “daisy chained” (two or more connected cords/strips). There may be one power strip maximum per outlet. 

• Tampering with or changing any University lighting, electrical, or wall fixtures in any manner is prohibited.