Fire Alarm and Emergency Systems and Equipment

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Residents are strictly prohibited from tampering with any equipment related to emergency systems and the fire alarm system (pull stations, extinguishers, hoses, smoke detectors, sprinklers, emergency exit door alarms, exit signs). Tampering with, removal of, or misuse of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors (including batteries), emergency evacuation instructions, or unauthorized use of any fire equipment, or door, is a violation of state law, University and Housing regulations and could endanger the life and safety of you and other residents.

Sprinklers associated with residence hall fire safety systems may not be tampered with in any way, including by hanging decorations or other objects from them. If a sprinkler is set off accidentally or intentionally, the resident(s) involved will be responsible for all costs associated with the incident including any damage caused as a result and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Persons found to have intentionally tampered with fire protection equipment could be subject to imprisonment or a fine (CPC 148.4), including charges for damaged equipment or battery replacement. Any resident involved in a fire safety violation, including setting off a false fire alarm, will face severe University conduct action, up to and including suspension from the University.