Political Canvassing

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During Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) or Residence halls Association (RHA) student election time only, door-to-door canvassing by Sacramento State student candidates running for the office of President or Vice President of ASI or RHA only may be permitted. President or Vice President candidates must obtain permission for canvassing by making a formal request to the Residence hall Association at least 14 days prior to the date of the canvass campaign. Candidates can download the Political Canvassing Application at the Housing webpage, or can pick up an application at any residence hall front desk.

Political canvassing does not include the option to solicit money for any purpose (campaigns, charity or commercial).

If approved to canvass, all candidates must abide by the following conditions:

• Canvassing is only permitted on designated days and times: 2-5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and 5-8 p.m. on Wednesday and Friday. Canvassing is prohibited on Monday and weekends.

• All applications must be completed and received at least 14 calendar days prior to the desired canvassing date.

• Residential Life staff will notify applicant if canvassing request has been approved within 10 days of the submittal date and will provide procedures on gaining access to residential areas.

• No more than two (2) approved candidates may canvass in the residential complex on any designated night.

• All canvassing candidates will be monitored and/or escorted by Residential Life staff or designated members of the residential community.

• Any materials distributed by candidates must adhere to the Community Expectations listed in the Guide to Residential Life Handbook and must contain the name of the sponsoring individual and organization.

• Canvassers must be aware that to intimidate, harass, abuse, or threaten another by means of use or threatened use of physical or nonphysical force is a violation of campus and housing code of conduct. Candidates must take care that their canvassing does not “cross the line” into harassment or unethical behavior and residents must behave respectfully likewise toward canvassers. Individuals who believe that they have been intimidated, harassed, abused, or threatened may file a complaint with their Resident Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator or the Sac State Police Department.

• Canvassers may not use sound amplifying devices or other techniques that might disturb the peace on the floor, hall or surrounding communities.

• Canvassers must respect any form of contact refusal by a member(s) of the residential areas within which they are canvassing. Residential students may place a sign on their room, suite or apartment door indicating NO CANVASSING permitted. Canvassers must respect residents’ wishes to not be disturbed.

• Canvassers are required to wear an identification badge at all times while in the halls.