Riotous Behavior

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Defined as individual or group participation in a disturbance with the purpose to commit or incite any action that presents a clear and present danger to others, causes physical harm to others, or damages property. Riotous behavior is subject to criminal prosecution, including removal from the residence halls and or University.

Prohibited behavior in the context of riotous behavior includes but is not limited to:

• Knowingly engaging in conduct designed to incite another to engage in riotous behavior
• Actual or threatened damage to or destruction of University property or the personal property of others, either intentionally or with reckless disregard
• Failing to comply with a directive to disperse by Universityofficials, law enforcement or emergency personnel
• Intimidating, impeding, hindering, or obstructing a University official, a member of law enforcement, or an emergency serviceperson during performance of his or her duties
• Engaging in play-fighting/arguing that could be misinterpreted as an actual fight and/or verbal argument
• “Fight clubs” are prohibited on campus grounds This rule shall not be interpreted as prohibiting peaceful demonstrations, peaceful picketing, a call for a peaceful boycott, or other forms of peaceful dissent.

Minimum Disciplinary Sanctions for Riotous Behavior /Fighting

1st offense:

  • Housing Probation
  • Possible removal from housing and considered persona non grata (PNG) in all residence halls (unwelcome and not allowed to be present)
  • Educational Sanction/Reflection Paper

2nd offense:

  • Referral to Coordinator of Residence Hall Conduct
  • Removal from housing and considered PNG in all residence halls (unwelcome and not allowed to be present)

Sanctions for Riotous Behavior indicate typical minimum responses for active involvement. Depending on the severity of the violation, sanctioning levels and guidelines can be more aggressive. Educational Sanctions are at the discretion of the hearing officer. Those being removed from housing will continue to be held to the terms and conditions of their housing contract.