Housing Main  -  List of Policies

Climbing in or out of windows is prohibited.

In order to protect individuals who may be walking outside the residence hall, no object of any kind may be thrown, dropped, pushed out of, placed outside of and/or allowed to fall from any residence hall window.

Residents may not remove window screens for any reason. Tampering with window screens may result in a $25 dollar charge and additional charges for any damage to the window or window screen.

Due to fire safety considerations and the possibility of significant damage to residence hall room or suite windows, residents are prohibited from posting or hanging material on either side of residence hall windows.  Only University-provided blinds, curtains or draperies may be used in resident rooms.  Drawing, painting, or writing on windows is prohibited except during University celebrations such as Homecoming. Residents must consult Residence Life Coordinators with questions on permissible activity.

Removal of window magnets from AMC windows is prohibited.