Housing Technology Services 

Housing Technology Services



Additionally, in support of University Housing Service's goals, HTS provides support for the computer labs, network services, IPTV services with Xfinity, and Device activations.

Housing Technology Services (HTS) supports the technology infrastructure needs for Housing. Each bed space will have one network port active. Residents are not allowed to request for more than one active port at any given time.  Lobby and living room areas are not allowed to have a jack active. 

Residents who need to connect to the wireless network with a game console or device will need to submit a Wireless MAC address registration.

Residents who are experiencing network related issues or having trouble connecting to our network using your device, please feel free to Report Housing Network Issues with your problem.


Housing Technology Services is located in Riverview Hall Housing Office. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (916) 278-6655 or email us at housingtechservices@csus.edu



What's New?

There are a lot of exciting things coming to University Housing Services at Sacramento State. Below are some of the few things we are changing.

Television service (Xfinity on Campus)

We are now officially an Xfinity campus. You may continue to enjoy your television services by using the Xfinity on Campus link here. Additionally, you may also watch IPTV on your television sets through the Roku device and link the channel application. For more information, please visit the Xfinity FAQ page

HBO Included

We are excited to announce that HBO will be included for the IPTV portion of your Xfinity service. Please note that HBO is only accessible through the Xfinity on campus application, HBO Go on your mobile devices, or any Device using the IPTV service. HBO is accessible for legacy Analog or Coaxial connections. For more information, please visit the Xfinity page.

Jack Activations

All residents will now have 1 network jack activated, dedicated to your bed space. Jack activation requests are no longer necessary. Please note that we DO NOT activate jacks in living rooms or communal areas. If you want to connect your game console to the network, please use the console activation link on the navigation panel (right).

New Wireless Connection (EDUROAM)

We are pleased to announce that Sacramento State is now part of the EDUROAM network. What that means is you may use your SacState credentials at many other partnered campus to connect to the wireless network. for more information, please visit the EDUROAM page by visiting: https://www.csus.edu/irt/wireless/.