Deferment Request Form

Housing Payment Deferment Requests

If a student is expecting their accepted financial aid awards to apply toward housing installment fees but funds have not yet disbursed to their account, the student may complete a Housing Installment Deferment Request and submit the form to the University Housing Services office on or before the payment due date.

Steps To Complete Deferment Request

  1. Be aware of how much accepted financial aid is available.  The amount of accepted financial aid after tuition and fees are paid will be considered toward housing deferments.  Insure that all financial aid tasks are completed and all requested documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office. 
  2. Download the Deferment Request form using link below
  3. Complete all information requested on the form.
  • Indicate which installment payment(s) are being requested for deferment.
  • Read the form carefully and indicate acknowledgements.
  • Sign and Date the form.

     4. Submit completed form to University Housing Services Office prior to installment due date.

Housing Installment Deferment Request Form

Housing Payment Arrangement

If a student is not eligible for Housing deferment based on his or her financial aid award, or does not have sufficient award funds remaining, he or she may request a special payment arrangement.   Students may submit a Payment Plan Agreement Request for review and meet with the Assistant Director for Housing Operations to discuss their situation.  Students may contact the University Housing Services Office and set up an appointment by calling (916) 278-6655.  This appointment should be scheduled prior to the payment due date. 

Steps to Complete Payment Plan Agreement Request

1)    Enter information into Payment Plan Agreement Request, print and sign the document

2)    Submit Payment Arrangement Request to University Housing Services Office and make appointment to meet with Assistant Director for Housing Operations.

Payment Plan Agreement Request